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George Washington University drop The name of the “colonists”

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The George Washington University will be dropping its “The Colonists” moniker, a name meant to honor its namesake but long criticized as term that glorifies colonialism, officials announced Wednesday.

This is stated in the statement of representatives of the university. use of title divided community and cannot “serve its purpose any longer as a unifying name”. Officials said they would continue use nickname before new name entered, expected in school 2023-24 year.

announcement nearly two years after committees were set up at the university to consider requests to drop the nickname and rename the school. student center. building, formerly the Cloyd Heck Marvin Center, named after the president of the university. who defended for segregation – renamed last year.

The name of the colonists, represented in 1926, was a ubiquitous part of GDV experience. sports teams are colonizers. Students schedule medical appointments at Colonial Health Center and Colonial Cash exchange for food and laundry service.

Mark S. Righton, who became interim president in January praised the “principled” approach of the university to this decision.

“I was impressed by the principled and collaborative approach of in special committee and it was clear this process was called research and reliable communication with in community”Righton said. in statement. “Although some may disagree with As a result, this process determined that the nickname change was correct. decision for our university”.

special the committee that recommended the name change included GWU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members. of the athletics department, officials said. Experts on university history we also involved.

Tanya Fogel, director of athletics, acknowledged that some people will be disappointed in in decision. “Nickname is one way in which is our studentathletes, sports personnel and fans build communityVogel said.

But she added“We see this as a great opportunity to come together, share our experience and consider what is important to our GW community how do we launch new nickname development process.”

special committee conducted researchtown hall events and a university-wide survey to understand the title issue. Alumni, committee members found were several more in service of preservation term. Current students tended to end it use.

“For supporters term refers to those who lived in colonies, especially who fought for independence against England and, with bravery, courage and against every chance, secured democracy for United States,” according to a report published special Committee. “Per opponents”Colonists” means colonizers (both here and abroad) and refers to those who stole land from the indigenous peoples, plundered their resources, killed and exiled the indigenous peoples, and introduced slavery into the colonies.”

‘Very much offensive’: GW students start a petition to change the Colonials moniker.

The committee determined that the name came about without “thoughtful university-wide consideration”, but “accidentally and haphazardly”. in early 20s century. Before the colonies, GWU football team went under such names as “Hatchets”, “Axemen”, “Axemen” and, after arrival of coach Henry Crum in 1924, “Krammen”, according to report.

The report notes that some members of in community could use the word “colonial” interchangeably with revolutionary, but terms had different meanings for namesake of the university.

Historians said Washington “strongly rejected” term. It did not become popular until the colonial revival period. of in the late 19th and 20th centuries, the report says.

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