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Generation Program in Saudi Arabia: Creating Jobs and Driving Sustainable Development with 2.7 Billion Riyals

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Since its inception three months ago, Generation Program projects in Saudi Arabia have spent about 2.7 billion riyals, helping to create nearly 1,400 jobs in education, health and innovation.

The program is aimed at the end of 2027; In order to reach 100,000 beneficiaries, the volume of development projects is estimated at 20 billion rials, and the number of jobs created as a result of the projects is 21,000.

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Minister’s Statement

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed bin Suleiman Al Raji confirmed that the “generosity” program is designed to become the engine of the development sector in the Kingdom and support the needs of society through the adoption of sustainable development projects. and empowering and motivating those who donate and supporting them along the way to these projects, according to what she told Saudi Press Agency SPA.

Maximizing Impact

The Minister mentioned maximizing the social and economic impact of development projects by targeting donors to real needs and conducting feasibility studies, as well as developing the non-profit sector by launching specific projects that provide high-quality services and introduce innovative business models.

The “bounty” program aims to direct donor efforts and resources to real needs and national priorities, and encourages the incorporation of financial sustainability in the design of development projects, as well as incentivizes projects that provide high quality services and use innovative solutions to meet the needs and support donors during the implementation phase of the project.

Generosity works to integrate and coordinate with government agencies, aligning development needs with these agencies, aligning projects with the strategic plans of the relevant governments, and enhancing third sector contributions to various vital industries and providing innovative business models and development practices that can be expanded to a national scale.

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