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Zarif in a strange announcement: the statements of our officials do not represent us

It seems that the statements made by the Secretary of the Expediency of the Regime in Iran and the potential presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaei hours ago about returning to negotiations within a year, did not only spark controversy in Iranian circles, but also reached the Iranian Foreign Minister. Muhammad Javad Zarif denied that the position expressed by Rezaei was an official position of the leadership in Iran, without referring to Rezaei by name.

The minister wrote in a tweet on Twitter, Friday, after the publication of Rezai’s interview. With the “Financial Times” newspaper, “The Iranian political system is vital, and officials express different opinions, but these opinions should not be confused with state policies.” The occasion. ”

Rezaei, who is considered one of the most prominent faces of the country’s conservatives, said in his speech:“ They can guarantee for us the lifting of all the sanctions that were imposed after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, meaning the 2015 nuclear deal. In less than a year, they ask us to go to negotiate. ”

An indication of the clearest desire to negotiate!

While these statements were considered the clearest indication so far of Tehran’s desire to negotiate with the United States, despite the escalatory stances declared at times, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made clear that no official positions express the government regarding the nuclear file and others except those issued by the ministry.

In addition, Rezaei explained in his speech, “We must see every month during the talks that some of the sanctions that are urgent for us have been lifted.” He added, “For example, the sanctions on financial transactions and restrictions imposed by European banks in the first month should be lifted, as well as the issue of oil exports, which is also among our most important priorities.”

“Good sign Intention “

He also considered that any other American steps may give encouraging signs, pointing out that assistance in liberating billions of dollars of Iranian funds held in foreign banks, for example, may be considered as” candy “for Iran In reference to a goodwill gesture or a small gift.

However, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, reiterated in response to these statements that “all questions and positions related to foreign policy are issued only through channels. The official, adding that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif “is clearly responsible” and not Rezaei “who does not bear any direct or indirect responsibility” in this regard.

It is reported that Zarif was announced Thursday. , That his country will not return to negotiate the nuclear agreement, saying in a tweet on Twitter that the agreement cannot be renegotiated without changing the Charter of the United Nations, removing the veto, and denying The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

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