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With our holograms we can chat with the latest service from Microsoft

The market for video chat services is already somewhat saturated, but of course there is always room for innovative solutions in this sector as well. In addition to trying to make Google Meet and Zoom as user-friendly and accessible to the masses as possible, Microsoft unveiled a special solution at the Microsoft Ignite conference. And this is none other than Mesh, which uses virtual reality tools to make online conversations more exciting and personal.

Microsoft Mesh is the division’s head of mixed reality development team development, Ignite , Greg Sullivan introduced the platform. In the virtual reality of Mesh with HoloLens 2, users can pass holograms to each other or customize their own avatars. The system also tracks the movement of the hands, or to a limited extent, but the facial expressions can also be eloquent. and also with Quest 2.

As planned by Microsoft in the future, the Mesh will also be available for smartphones and Macs, and in the view of the developers, in addition to the world of work, it will even be possible to attend social events, concerts and entertainment venues. The biggest limitation of the project is availability, as compatible headsets are available for roughly $ 300, not to mention a properly equipped PC next to it. The HoloLens 2 used for the demo is available for $ 3,500.

With our holograms we can chat with the latest service from Microsoft

Sullivan added that Microsoft’s goal is to support Mesh as widely as possible and to make the adaptation a success. Therefore, they try to optimize the platform as much as possible and try to make it available to as many devices as possible

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