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Where to buy and sell bitcoin in Nicaragua (2021)

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This guide shows you where to buy and sell bitcoin in Nicaragua through exchanges P2P, exchange houses specialized in trading and groups on social networks. The options that you will find in Nicaragua are perfect for you, whether you are a resident of the Central American country or if you are a traveler and will only be there for a season.

Nicaragua is one of the smallest economies in all Latin America, according to its GDP per capita . However, a possible increase in exports and the volume of remittances could mitigate the effects of poverty and the crisis generated by the pandemic.

Only two years ago, CriptoNoticias reported the impulse that had acquired bitcoin in Nicaragua thanks to tourism. Currently, that situation has been reversed by the pandemic. In contrast, a community of local bitcoiners has been growing, as evidenced by the most active social media groups in the country.

If you want to buy or sell bitcoin in Nicaragua, take a look at this CriptoNoticias guide that describes different options offered by the ecosystem.

Table of Contents

  • P2P exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin in Nicaragua
  • LocalBitcoins
  • LocalCryptos
  • Paxful
  • Centralized exchanges for the sale of BTC in Nicaragua
    • Binance
  • Coinbase

  • Cryptocurrency brokers in Nicaragua
  • Buy and sell bitcoin in Nicaragua without intermediaries (social networks)
  • P2P exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin in Nicaragua

    The exchanges P2P offer you a digital platform to buy or sell bitcoin in Nicaragua directly with other merchants. Through these exchanges you can make exchanges with various payment options, which include bank transfers with cordobas (NIO), PayPal, Neteller, Zelle, Moneygram or gift cards from Amazon. You just have to look for the ad that best suits you in the exchange you choose or post one with your offer.

    In Nicaragua you can access exchanges P2P that offer different options to manage your cryptocurrencies. For example, those that offer guarded wallets have relative control of the private keys of your cryptocurrencies. Some platforms also have the possibility of creating wallets from scratch or linking external wallets, which will allow you to have different levels of security.

    Check out these 5 P2P cryptocurrency exchanges that offer different levels of privacy and security to make exchanges directly between merchants.

    Consider that several of these exchanges allow trading with smart contracts or, what is the same, deposit guarantees ( escrow ).


    LocalBitcoins emerged in 2012 as a P2P platform that allows bitcoin traders meet on an exchange network that has a presence in more than 180 countries. Through this exchange you can search for ads to buy or sell bitcoin from other merchants in Nicaragua or create your own, as we explain in this CriptoNoticias tutorial. In LocalBitcoins you can get bitcoins through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, bank transfers with córdobas, Moneygram and many other options.

    • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC / NIO.
    • Commissions: 1% of the amount traded in each announcement of purchase or sale / transfers between LocalBitcoins wallets do not charge commissions / external wallet deposit 0.00015 BTC; shipments to external wallet 0.00005 BTC.
    • Trade volumes: It is currently low, but there are always traders connected.
    • Mobile App: Expected for 2021.

    Buy and sell bitcoin on Localbitcoins


    LocalCryptos is a exchange P2P that began operating in 2017 as LocalEthereum, until the company took a broader approach. Now they have trade in several cryptocurrencies and allow operations in more than 100 countries.

    Through this exchanges it is possible to create A wallet from scratch to safeguard your cryptocurrencies or link others such as Ledger, MetaMask or Trust, which will allow you to log in without entering a password or username. Here you have the option to import your reputation from LocalBitcoins and Paxful. You can learn to buy and sell bitcoin in LocalCryptos in the simplest way with this tutorial from CriptoNoticias

    himself. )

    criptomonedas exchange p2p intercambios
    You can import your reputation from LocalBitcoins and Paxful to improve your LocalCryptos options. Source: Localcryptos / localcryptos.com
    • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH / NIO.
    • Commissions: 0.25% to whoever publishes ( maker ) and 0.75% to the person who responds to the offer ( taker ).
    • Trade volumes: 100 BTC and 6,000 ETH stored in LocalCryptos wallets (mid 2020).
    • Mobile App: Does not have.

    Buy and sell bitcoin on LocalCryptos


    Paxful is a exchange P2P that started operations in 2 015 and already has more than 3 million registered cryptocurrency wallets. This exchange focused on commerce between people allows you to buy or sell bitcoin in Nicaragua through ads and offers that you can create yourself. This platform accepts numerous payment methods, such as PayPal balance, Amazon gift cards, Western Union, bank transfers with córdobas and many more options.

    Through this exchange USD 40 million are exchanged weekly, in global terms, since May 2020, according to CoinDance.

    • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC / NIO.
    • Commissions: 0.5% for sale with bank transfer. 1% for other methods.
    • Trade volumes: It is low in currently, but there are constantly exchange announcements.
    • Mobile App: Click here for Android and here for iOS.

    Buy and sell bitcoin on Paxful

    Centralized exchanges for the sale of BTC in Nicaragua

    The centralized exchanges (CEX) are digital environments where you can buy and sell bitcoin in Nicaragua and do trade cryptocurrencies with automated tools . These exchanges allow you to access digital desktops to schedule operations and evaluate the status of the different cryptocurrency markets. Look in this CriptoNoticias tutorial the best exchanges to do trade with cryptocurrencies as an expert or a novice.

    With centralized exchanges you will have options to do staking , leverage, trade cryptocurrency loans on DeFi markets, or invest in bitcoin futures contracts. These platforms have guarded wallets (since they manage the private keys) but they have the advantage of having greater liquidity in their markets, due to their currently higher trading volumes.


    Binance is a exchange that emerged in 2017 and It already brings together 36 million traders around the world. Here you will not be able to buy directly with córdobas, but if you have accounts in dollars or already have cryptocurrencies, you can transfer to Binance and exchange for other cryptocurrencies or use their trading tools . You can do staking , margin trading , OTC operations, investments with loans, purchases of derivatives, which you can learn to drive by following the explanations in this tutorial from CriptoNoticias.

    You can trade cryptocurrencies on Binance as an expert or newbie. Source: Binance.

    The Binance exchange has a digital desktop to do automated operations and analyze the market minute by minute. You can download this tool on MAC and Windows operating systems (also in their previous versions) Linux systems.

    • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, +185 / USD.
    • Commissions: For trading there are 9 levels . Free deposits and various commissions for other operations.
    • Trade volumes: 1.6 billion BTC / over $ 92 billion, according to CoinMarketcap (global).
    • Mobile App: Click here for Android, here for iOS and here for the Android APK.

      Buy and sell bitcoin on Binance


      Coinbase is a exchange that began operations in 2012. It already has more than 30 million users in more than 100 countries. In this exchange house you will not be able to buy or sell bitcoin directly if you are in Nicaragua, but you can make cryptocurrency conversions. You just have to anchor a purse and that’s it. See in this review of CriptoNoticias all the features of Coinbase.

      Coinbase / wikipedia.org
      • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, +15 / cryptocurrency conversion only.
      • Commissions: 1.49% on purchases and sales / 3.99% credit cards / others depend on the type of operation.
      • Trade volumes: Coinbase Pro 91,743 BTC / over $ 4.2 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.
      • Mobile App: Click here for Android and here for iOS.

      Buy and sell bitcoin on Coinbase

      Cryptocurrency brokers in Nicaragua

      Brokers are companies (or individuals) that help a seller and a buyer to negotiate. Brokers, or stock brokers, specialize in CFD markets for its acronym in English, which are those that operate with differential contracts. That is, people buy a contract and, after a period of time, the seller pays the difference in value that the cryptocurrency that serves as a reference could have acquired (and, if the cryptocurrency falls in price, it is the seller who owes pay that difference).

      Differential contracts or CFDs are not used to buy or sell bitcoin or another cryptocurrency directly. They are only used as a reference of the value of the traded contract.

      The brokers that operate in Nicaragua with this specific method are AvaTrade, Admiral Markets and BDSwiss, all They have specialized tools to monitor the market and mobile applications for you to operate from your phone or tablet.

      Some of the brokers operating in Nicaragua accept deposits with bitcoin to perform tranding . Among them are Broker CEX.io, which allows leverage of up to 100X, margin trading , spot trading and loans. It is in beta phase and is a business branch of the exchange house of the same name.

      Uruguay compra venta bitcoin mercado futuros criptomonedas bitcoin

      There is also Prime XBT, which has applications mobile phones and a wide variety of financial products to trade with BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS and admit deposits with bitcoin directly.

      Check out this guide that CriptoNoticias prepared, where you can see other brokers to do CopyTrading, a marketing strategy to copy strategies already established by other traders .

      Buy and sell bitcoin in Nicaragua without intermediaries (social networks)

      In Nicaragua there is a bitcoiner community with activity on social networks. In these Facebook groups or Telegram channels to buy or sell bitcoin, people agree with each other to make exchanges.

      In social networks you can agree with another person, hang up deals or find someone who sells what you want. It is not very complicated, beyond finding the right offer. The important thing is to verify the reputation of your counterpart.

      On Facebook, you will find the Bitcoin Nicaragua group, which has been in business for years and has 597 members. The flow of posts here is sporadic, but its merchants are often on the lookout for potential scammers. There is another group called Criptomonedas Nicaragua, which has almost 400 members and a frequent activity of merchants, who constantly hang posts that discloses information about trading . If you keep looking, you will probably find more groups that disclose or are managed by a single trader .

      On Telegram or on Instagram We will not be so lucky, because the channels or accounts available have not grown enough or do not offer variety and positive signs.

      In any case, if you know groups or channels on social networks to buy and sell bitcoin in Nicaragua, do not hesitate to write to our emails.

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