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Where are the salaries? .. A strange gesture from an Egyptian company on Mother's Day

In a special and funny gesture, one of the famous advertising and marketing companies in Egypt decided to celebrate Mother’s Day, by sending the salaries of its employees to their mothers.

In details, the company’s management said in a statement: “Honorable employees of the company, good greetings and after .. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we would like to send a greeting of respect and appreciation to your mothers for the good education and full commitment to the duties of your work and always vigilant conscience.

She added: “On the occasion of this day, Mother’s Day, it was decided to pay the salary for the month of March on the 18th instead of on the 25th, provided that the salary was disbursed and a representative from the company was sent to deliver the salary to the mothers as appreciation from the company for them.

“In gratitude to the mothers”

With his role, Muhammad Al-Amir, the company’s director, said in a statement to a local media outlet that the idea It came after one of the company’s working team of about 14 people suggested it, adding that it was a joke and then approved by the company’s management.

He pointed out that at the beginning, all the employees expressed their surprise at the idea, but they accepted Later on, it met with acceptance.

In addition, he noted that the mothers’ reaction was very distinctive as they expressed their joy Knowing the salaries of their children.

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