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Washington: Iran's ballistic missiles are on the negotiating table

A spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, declared that “Iran continues to pursue a policy of infiltration,” stressing that “Iran will not be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon.”

And Price said Tuesday that “” The US administration’s policy is aimed at Tehran’s return to abide by the nuclear agreement, pointing out that “the ballistic missile program is under negotiation.”

He also added that “placing restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear program will be done through diplomacy,” affirming: “We want to meet with the Iranians through the countries of the Five Plus One Group.”

In addition, he explained that “the International Atomic Energy Agency is investigating some issues and we ask Iran to deal with it.”

No sanctions relief until negotiation

It is mentioned that stopping the implementation of the additional protocol that allowed the International Atomic Energy Agency under the 2015 nuclear agreement to carry out surprise inspections at Iranian sites, came into effect mid Monday / Tuesday night.

A senior American official, who refused to be named, according to Reuters, confirmed during the past hours that sanctions against Tehran will not be eased until it sits at the negotiating table.

Escalating stances and tough language

This comes as Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei announced on Monday to raise uranium enrichment. However, an American official played down the importance of those statements about Iran’s ability to enrich uranium to a purity of 60%, saying that this would be worrisome, but Iran has not implemented this yet, stressing that Washington is waiting to see if Tehran will return to the talks.

He also made it clear that “until the two sides return to the talks, they will take escalatory stances and tough language.” He continued, saying, “Both sides are now accumulating influence, whether it is through their nuclear moves on their side, or we are through the sanctions that were imposed. This does not really help either side.”

It is indicated that the main part of the agreement is. The nuclear program, which began to falter some time ago, is represented in Iran reducing its uranium enrichment program, making it difficult for it to collect the fissile materials needed to build a nuclear weapon – which Iran has been denying – in exchange for the easing of US and other economic sanctions.

With the escalating Iranian steps, observers see that they are merely bids awaiting a return to the negotiating table, while some analysts expect those talks to be postponed, if they actually take place, until next June, shortly after the Iranian elections.

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