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Video: “The more speed you reach, the better the Aston Martin Valkyrie”

Hypercar has scheduled arrival date for the middle of this year

The Aston Martin Valkyrie has the delivery date to customers due now for the middle of this year and, while working on it, he reveals some more details and launches clues about what can be expected from the British brand hypercar.

Tobias Moers, CEO of Aston Martin, says that great progress has been made in the last three months and apologizes to customers for the delay pointed out that what remains to be done should be completed by the desired date.

In an Aston Martin video for customers who have already booked the hypercar and that “Carscoops” also shared, Moers reveals some more details that make this a unique driving model: “It is not similar to any other car I know. Not to any other hypercar I know. ”

It was already known that Aston Martin Valkyrie receives a lot of Formula 1 technology as the kinetic energy recovery system. Or that the 6.5-liter V12 Cosworth block associated with the electric motor gives it a power of 1,160 hp.

But Moers now added that there is much more technology F1 tip “in the details”; all “much more sophisticated” than he recognizes having ever seen in his life: “It’s a very special car.”

The CEO of Aston Martin tried the Valkyrie at Silverstone and guarantees that “it is very easy to drive it on the track” highlighting a dynamic benefiting from active suspension and aerodynamics (as in the rear wing or in fins in front of the rear wheels).

“The faster the car is reached, the better the car’s return . The engine’s power speaks for itself ”, says Moers. In order for those who booked it, it remains to wait longer these promised months of waiting.

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