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Video: does the Challenger Demon 'bother' the 911 Turbo S?

‘Drag race’ between the powerful American muscle car and the super fast German sports car

Dodge Challenger Demon is a set of muscle that imposes your respect when thinking about facing him in a ‘drag race’. But, in the face of an exemplary super sports car like the Porsche 911 Turbo S, can the North American colossus manage to make his mark?

«Carwow» tried to do with our already known Mat Watson at the wheel of the Dodge and his partner of many of these wanderings Yannis Charalambous with Porsche. Doubts – or lack of them – also arose and the duel ended up only being close in one instance …

The Demon has a 6.2 liter V6 supercharged with 808 hp of power (with racing fuel it can deliver 840 hp) and a torque of 972 Nm. This car is even equipped with sclick tires for ‘drag trace’ to facilitate grip, but the various configurations to get a good start turn out not to be much help …

Porsche has its characteristic 3.8 liters of 6 cylinders in a biturbo line with 650 hp and 800 Nm. And also almost 300 kg less to challenge its aerodynamics.

It’s time to see…

Without (totally) ideal conditions to provide its muscular characteristics, it seems that the Demon has little chance of disturbing Porsche in a ‘drag race’ … And in the lan race It was also necessary to find very ideal configurations for the muscle car to add a victory that seemed to be happening, if it weren’t for the speed limiter.

The braking test turned out to be the proof that the two very different cars got even closer.

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