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Video: Cupra produces science fiction series to watch in 11 episodes

Cupra e-Racer is one of the protagonists in a futuristic environment

«RPM» is the new series of science fiction that will put Cupra e-Racer as the protagonist of an (initial) 11-episode season and for which there is already a teaser video that you can see at the end of this article.

As’ rpm ‘is an acronym for’ revolutions per minute ‘, it is also in this futuristic series co-produced by Cupra with Vince Gerardis (executive co-producer of’ Game of Thrones’, Infinito Studios and Startling Media) of ‘revolutions by minute ‘with a lot of adrenaline at the promised wheel.

Set in 2101 in Barcelona , the science fiction series created and directed by Albert Uría shows a society where emotions are forbidden and a group of rebels struggles to awaken humanity.

«RPM« by the revolutions per minute of the cars, but at the same time it speaks of different revolutions, such as the emotional revolution of feeling alive when driving and being a rebel, feeling human “, comments Albert Uría.

The cast is headed by Natalia Reyes, Eduard Fernández and Juana Acosta, with Cupra e-Racer also assuming its call for prominence, as you can see below in this trailer.

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