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Video: Cupra Born electric completes tests at 30º negative for its debut in May

The brand’s first electric vehicle tested from the dynamics to air conditioning through braking

The Cupra Born has its debut date scheduled for the beginning of next May and the performance brand from Seat is already in the final testing phase of its first electric vehicle in its own name in an environment that includes a circuit over a frozen lake and temperatures reaching minus 30º.

Last and decisive in the development of Born, this last phase in the cold subject the electric Cupra to “more than 1,000 tests” in which “durability” is put to the test with a drive for 30,000 kilometers, day or night.


Dynamic Control of the Chassis and the different options of firmness of the dampers are tested on a circuit in a frozen lake and the combination of ice and asphalt on the tracks allows to test the different grip conditions and the best balance in the stability of the brakes.

The negative 30º temperatures also put the Cupra Born’s air conditioning system to the test, receiving an immediate response in providing the “maximum level of heating power from the first second.”


Using technology as 3D printers, the work of the brand’s engineers, carried out almost 4 thousand kilometers from its technical center, had the challenge of creating a silent and efficient air conditioning system balancing comfort and economy.

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