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Video .. Children reveal how Al-Houthi lured them from schools to the fronts

Yemeni army forces arrested a new group of children under the age of 17 while they were fighting in the ranks of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, on the fronts surrounding Marib Governorate during the past days.

The media center published The Yemeni armed forces, on Sunday evening, recorded videos in which children reveal the Houthi militia’s method of luring them out of schools by luring them with money and weapons, and then pushing them to the fronts without the knowledge of their families. The children also revealed the neglect and disinterest they are exposed to on the fronts, where they are left to face their fate.

The children confirmed that the Houthi supervisors lied to them that their participation would be in safe areas and not more than a week, before they realized their presence in The front lines of the fronts in Marib, and they had never received any combat training or used weapons.

They explained that the militias only subjected them to “tactical lectures” in schools and handed them money before luring them to the fronts, confirming that their families They did not know their fate until now, while the Houthi supervisors lie to them that their children were in “cultural courses” in Sanaa.

The children confirmed that the militias did not pay them any attention after they pushed them to the fronts, nor did they give them any attention after their occurrence In captivity. The children called on their colleagues, relatives and everyone who hears them not to believe the Houthi militias so that they will not perish on the fronts.

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