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Vaccines do not change genes or cause sterility … The Health Organization exonerates vaccines

After the widespread controversy and the much information that has spread recently, about the great negative effects that the manufactured vaccines against the emerging corona virus will leave, the World Health Organization described these assumptions as “rumors”, indicating that the aforementioned concerns are unfounded.

In details, the director of the WHO’s Immunization Department, Keith O’Brien, revealed in a statement hours ago that the vaccines we vaccinate cannot lead to sterility. These rumors revolve around multiple different vaccines, and they do not coincide with the truth, as she put it.

O’Brien stressed that “there is no vaccine that causes sterility,” indicating that “the vaccines are composed of several components, but each of them.” It is tested “before use.

The global official also refuted reports about the possibility that vaccines against the Corona virus could lead to changes in the DNA in humans, confirming that the chemical components of the serum do not harm human health.

Doubts Elsewhere

These reassurances came at a time when the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, raised concern about the effectiveness of vaccines against the new strains.

Ghebreyesus described the news received that vaccines developed so far may be less effective against the new strain that was first discovered in South Africa as “alarming.”

He also said that South Africa’s decision to suspend its vaccination campaign with the AstraZeneca vaccine “is a reminder that we need to do everything in our power to reduce the spread of the virus with known public health measures,” adding that there are some important reservations about The study that South Africa relied on as part of the postponement of vaccination against Covid-19, pointing to the small sample of the study and the idea that it was conducted mainly on younger and better-healthy participants.

In addition, Tedros also called on vaccine manufacturers to prepare to adopt Their vaccines quickly remain so that these vaccines remain effective in the face of the pandemic.

It is indicated that the Corona virus has killed at least two million 310 thousand and 234 people in the world since it appeared in China in December 2019, according to a toll prepared by “AFP.” Hours ago, according to official sources.

More than 105 million and 750 thousand and 940 cases of the virus were recorded, while at least 64 million and 417 thousand and 600 people recovered.

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