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Using Excel on the web has become even easier

Although many have come up with great alternatives for office software, Microsoft Office is still at the forefront in this area. For those who need to navigate different spreadsheets for their work, Excel is probably a must-have, so the good news is that Microsoft is constantly working on its development. Now the Excel web interface has received a combo update.

According to Microsoft, what will catch the eye of users for the first time is that the interface has become much faster and smoother to use. As a result, we will not stumble upon very complex tables. The same is true for the selection of the cell on which the studio was also polished, making it much faster.

The developers have also worked to make the navigation in the table more transparent and easier. From now on, if you search for a content, Excel will not only highlight it, but also list it, so you can navigate to the desired part with a single click, while before updating you had to scroll through the entire table.

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