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US State Department: Those responsible for the Erbil attack will be held accountable

The US State Department confirmed, on Wednesday, that the perpetrators of the missile attack on Erbil (northern Iraq) that took place last Monday will be held accountable.

The US State Department spokesman said: “There will be consequences for any group.” Responsible for the missile attack that occurred in Iraq, ”in consultation with the Iraqi government.

He stressed that“ the investigation is continuing with the knowledge of the party ”responsible for the attack that killed an Iraqi civilian and wounded 5 other people, including an American soldier.

In a related context, the Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, said in response to a question about the response to the Erbil attack: “Our forces always have the right to defend themselves.”

The US State Department confirmed Tuesday that Washington reserves the right to respond to the Erbil attack “in the appropriate place and time.”

The US State Department spokesman said in a press conference, Tuesday: “We are still in stages. It is early in the investigation into the Erbil attack … We will act as soon as we identify those responsible for the missile attacks, ”stressing that“ it is too early to anticipate the investigation of the Erbil attack. ”

The spokesman said that“ the attack on Erbil is a threat. For the security of Iraq … we take the Erbil attack very seriously, whether Iran was responsible for it or its militias, “adding that” the Iraqi people have suffered enough from violence. “

The foreign ministers of the United States, France, Germany and Britain also condemned And Italy, in a joint statement, in the strongest terms, with the missile attack that hit Erbil (northern Iraq) on Monday.

The joint statement stated that the signatory governments will support Iraq’s investigations with the aim of holding those responsible for the attack accountable.

*) And the statement concluded: “We are united in our opinion that the attacks on US personnel and facilities and the international coalition against ISIS will not be tolerated.”

On Monday, several rockets fell inside and near Erbil airport; A civilian contractor was killed and 5 others were injured and an American soldier was injured, according to a statement by the US-led International Coalition to Combat ISIS.

An unknown group claimed responsibility for the attack, which Iraqi officials say has links with Iran.

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