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US police unveil plans to storm Congress on March 4

The US police warned of a dangerous plot to storm the US Congress building on tomorrow, the fourth of March.

The US Congress Building Police Department said in a statement, today, Wednesday, that it had obtained intelligence indicating A possible plot to “infiltrate an unknown armed group into the Capitol Building” tomorrow, Thursday.

The Capitol Police statement added that it is working with state and federal agencies to “stop any threats to the Capitol building.” The police said, “We take the intelligence information seriously.” . The statement did not provide any further details regarding the threat.

Tomorrow marks the date on which some right-wing conspiracy theorists claim that former President Donald Trump, who was defeated in the November 3 elections, will be sworn in for a term in office. Second in office.

Trump supporters, whom the authorities said included a number of right-wing extremists, stormed the Capitol building on January 6 and disrupted the official approval of President Joe Biden’s election victory over Trump, in an attack that killed Trump Five, including a police officer.

The Capitol Police statement indicated that it had already made “significant security improvements” to the building that houses the headquarters of the US House of Representatives and Senate.

It was not clear if These improvements were either introduced to counter this potential threat, or they include measures that were actually implemented after the January 6th riots.

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