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Two people were killed in demonstrations against the junta in Chad

French President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday that France strongly condemns the acts of violence perpetrated by the security forces in Chad against the demonstrators.

Macron’s comments came during the visit of the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, the current president of the African Union, to Paris. And after two people were killed in Chad, where protests banned by the army are being organized against the newly installed military council.

At least two people were killed on Tuesday in separate demonstrations in N’Djamena and in southern Chad against the military junta that took power following the death of President Idriss Deby Itno a week ago, according to the Public Prosecution announcement.

He confirmed Attorney General Ali Koula Ibrahim, in the second city of Chad, about 400 km south of N’Djamena, stated that “there was a death in Mundo in the morning during demonstrations, we do not yet have the specific circumstances of death, he is a young man of 21 years.”

A senior official in charge of state media in Mundo, Ahmed Malom, confirmed that “a student threw a stone at a police car and the police fired a live bullet and the student was killed on the spot.”

In the capital, N’Djamena, police dispersed tear gas dispersed gatherings

N’Djamena Prosecutor Yusuf Tom told France Press by phone that “the demonstrators attacked a bus in the Dembi neighborhood. Some of the passengers fled, but a woman stayed and was killed by the demonstrators. ”

In the capital, since the morning, dozens of people gathered and sometimes burned tires before they were quickly dispersed.

And you come. These gatherings are in response to the calls of several opposition parties and civil society organizations against the assumption of power by a transitional military council run by the son of President Idriss Deby, Muhammad Idris Deby, and including 14 other generals who were loyal to his father.

Not a few hours have passed since his victory in the sixth term. He had, until he announced the killing of the Chadian president. A week ago, state television broadcast news of the death of President Idriss Déby as a result of wounds he had sustained on the front line in battles against the rebels in the north of the country, over the weekend.

It was Déby. The 68-year-old won 79.3 percent of the electoral vote on April 11, after being boycotted by senior opposition leaders in protest against his efforts to extend his 30-year rule.

It is reported that the slain president had seized power in an armed rebellion. 1990. He was considered one of Africa’s most surviving leaders in power and a close ally of the Western powers fighting militants in West and Central Africa.

But he faced the rebellions of M Frequently in the northern desert, it also dealt with growing popular discontent over his management of the oil wealth and crackdowns on dissidents.

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