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Turkey … masks written on it “Where did 128 billion dollars go?”

The Turkish opposition Al-Khair Party has prepared 10 thousand face masks printed with the question “Where did 128 billion dollars go?” And he sent it to all the people of the party in Istanbul to distribute it to the citizens.

The head of the “Good” party division in Istanbul, Bogra Kavungu, said that the task of the political parties is to shed light on the problems of citizens and the difficulties they face, according to what The Turkish opposition Zaman newspaper quoted him.

And he added: “As an opposition party, we are looking for answers to many important questions, such as the fate of the $ 128 billion that worries everyone, to whom it was sold, and whether or not an intermediary was used.”

And Kavongo explained that they will express their condemnation. To order through the face masks that they will use, saying: “Even if we do not speak, we will continue to communicate our voice through these masks. Citizens can obtain these masks and use them through the party’s people in the towns and neighborhoods of the city if they wish.” Kavongo stated that every issue left unspecified leads to another disaster.

He added: “Remember that the independence of the Central Bank was being talked about and we lost it and four central bank heads were changed within the last twenty months.

This is sufficiently emphasized We found that the ruling authority does not bear even asking questions about this matter, saying: “The more you act in this manner, we become more insistent and determined to question the issue to reveal the circumstances of this issue in a transparent manner.”

This comes after it caused Banners hung by the opposition Republican People’s Party in a number of cities questioning the fate of the huge amount lost from the balance of the Turkish reserve, in a great security alert, as it was removed by the police immediately, as this carries an insult to President Erdogan.

Last Tuesday, the Turkish parliament rejected by the votes of the ruling coalition an inquiry submitted by the Republican People’s Party about the fate of the $ 128 billion lost from the balance of the Central Bank.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish Central Bank Huge sums in foreign currency were spent in two years during Berat Albayrak, the president’s son-in-law, as finance minister, in order to support the local currency, after the Turkish lira lost much of its value against foreign currencies, and inflation rose dramatically.

Previously. That the former head of the Turkish Central Bank, Dorman Yılmaz, and the former vice president of the bank, Ibrahim Turhan, demanded that an investigation be opened to determine the fate of $ 128 billion was spent from the treasury without revealing its spending and the exchange rate that was applied during its sale.

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