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Tried airtags: Apple's little trackers can do that

(Photo: t3n)

The latest product from Apple is listening in the name of Airtag. We were able to test the little trackers for finding keys and other everyday objects.

You know that: The most important small objects tend not to be where you are looking for them. Keys or wallets in particular tend to “disappear”. The concept of the airtags is therefore not new; Other manufacturers have also had such trackers on offer for some time. Probably the most important distinguishing feature of the round gadget from Cupertino is that it relies on Apple’s “Find My” / “Where is?” Network. Owners of iPhones and other Apple hardware already know “Where is?”

Thanks to the U1 chip in newer iPhones, objects can be found with precise directions. (Photo: t3n)

Airtags are not new, but have an important advantage

The network consists of several hundred million Apple devices. The group recently opened this network to third-party manufacturers so that bicycles or headphones from other companies can also be integrated, for example. That should make “Where is?” Even more robust. Why is that important? After all, the bunch of keys doesn’t just spill in your own four walls. You can lose it on the beach, for example. As soon as someone is nearby with another device such as an iPhone that is part of the “Where is?” Network, an airtag attached to the keychain communicates securely with its owner and transmits the location of the object.

Design and technology in a small space

Apple’s Airtags are roughly the size of a two-euro coin and weigh just over ten grams. Despite their small dimensions, each one is stuck Lots of technology in the gadget. In addition to Bluetooth, NFC and Ultrawideband also support the trackers in finding objects. In addition, Airtags have a small speaker and, according to Apple, should run for up to a year with a replaceable CR2032 button cell.

The airtags are about the size of one Two euro coin. (Photo: t3n)

The round gadget is made of white plastic on the front and polished stainless steel on the back. It can be assumed that Airtags are likely to scratch quite quickly – especially if they are attached to a keychain with a key fob. Airtags are waterproof and dustproof (IP67), so that our beach example above should correspond to reality.

Airtags are set up quickly

The airtags are set up quickly by hand: Simply hold up to the iPhone and then press the Connect button there. The whole thing works just as smoothly as connecting Airpods. Airtags require iOS 14.5 and iCloud. If the Airtags are connected, the user assigns a name (e.g. car key). The gadget is then linked to its own Apple ID and telephone number. However, by means of family sharing, it can also be used by family members.

Without accessories it will be difficult

If you compare the air tags with trackers from other manufacturers, It quickly became clear that a small but important feature was missing: Apple’s trackers have no recess so that they cannot easily be attached to a keychain. Even if an air day is fairly priced at around 35 euros, many buyers are likely to spend at least as much money on a key fob. The cheapest version from Apple costs around 40 euros. Third-party manufacturers offer corresponding alternatives for around ten euros.

Because Apple does not have the airtags themselves with a recess for a ring If you want to attach the gadget to your bunch of keys, for example, interested parties have to buy matching key rings as accessories. (Photo: t3n)

How does the tracking work with Airtags?

If the airtags are linked to the Apple ID, you can interact with them in the “Where is?” App. For example, the tracker can be pinged, whereupon it plays a tone. This also works with a voice command. A simple “Hey Siri, where is my car key?” Is sufficient, for example – provided the airtags are within Bluetooth range.

Owners of an iPhone 11 or 12 can also fall back on the U1 chip and thus receive the precise distance and “directions” on their iPhone. The interface for this uses a combination of the iPhone cameras, gyroscope, accelerometer and AR kit with the data from the air day. The result is a visual guide to the lost object, which is supported by haptic feedback and sounds. This precision mode worked in our tests up to a distance of just over eight meters.

(Photo: t3n)

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If you have really lost an object with a connected Airtag and have not just moved it at home, you can set the Airtags to lost mode. Your own telephone number is entered for this purpose. If someone finds the lost destination, they can hold their Android or iOS device to the Airtags and will then be redirected to a website where they can find contact information.

Are airtags safe?

Airtags do not save any location data and cannot track other people unnoticed. The owner is the only one who can see where his airtags are. The data is encrypted and anonymized via Apple’s “Where is?” Network.

Apple has implemented a number of features so that users do not abuse Airtags to locate other people. So if you want to reenact agent films by smuggling an air tag into someone’s pocket or sticking it under someone else’s car like a bug, you will be disappointed. If an airtag is out of reach of the owner for a long time, it plays a tone as soon as it moves. In addition, users of an iOS device can be warned if another user’s airtag is nearby. In both cases, the airtags can be deactivated by simply removing the battery.

Price and availability

The Airtags can be ordered immediately. A single air day costs around 35 euros, in a pack of four they cost around 120 euros.

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