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Thor is thrown straight against the drones by the U.S. military

The US Air Force Research Laboratory has developed a new tool to protect air bases. After all, since the Cold War, it has been no secret that high-energy microwaves can destroy complex weapon systems and electronic devices, so there are still experiments on microwave weapons, especially in the field of de-icing. Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project – CHAMP and Tactical High-power Operational Responder – THOR

The US military wants to use THOR live as early as 2024, after recent tests have been successful in the New Testament. -Kirtland Air Base in Mexico. This device is a true omnipotent weapon, as its technology can take down any drone that flies within its range. It is expected that by 2026, all necessary bases will be protected with this. The tool was developed for $ 15 million under the leadership of Verus Research, BAE Systems and Leidos.

The U.S. military is increasingly turning to laser and microwave technologies in response to new threats, leading to more investment. in these areas.

Thor is thrown straight against the drones by the U.S. military

Directed energy laser weapon systems eliminate one target at a time, while high-power microwaves can destroy entire arrays or swarms, leading to a combination of the two technologies. The goal is to create the weapon of the future in a single and easy-to-install device.

According to its developers, it works like a flashlight, only what it “shines” on also deactivates it.

As is well known, diplomats at the Cuban and Chinese embassies in America have repeatedly complained of mysterious voices and brain damage in recent years. Symptoms were usually transient, but the effect was lasting in ten people. An expert blamed the phenomenon known as the Frey effect, which occurs in the human body exposed to high-power microwaves.

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