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This is behind the supposed special software to mine Ethereum with a Playstation 5

No, it is not possible to mine cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) or some other from a modified PlayStation 5 (PS5) video game console. At least, this is how the image itself published in recent days on social networks reveals, according to which a special software allowed the extraction of the cryptocurrency from the entertainment center.

In the image you could see the supposed interface of a software installed on a PS5, with which resources of the team were dedicated for the mining of ETH, reaching up to 98.76 MH / s of mining power . And many took the information on social networks for granted at the time.

Some Internet users even calculated the performance that the PS5 would have mining ETH: between 200 and 250 dollars, according to some messages on Twitter. Indeed, with that processing power, you could get about 8 dollars a day in profits , according to data from WhatToMine.

The texts that can be see on the presumed screen of the PS5 they are in Chinese, with few details that non-speakers of the language of the Asian country could understand: the power of mining, the acronym ETH and the buttons on the control of the console.

interfaz eth sistema blockchain
Supposed interface of the Ethereum mining program on a PlayStation 5. Source: cryptomining-blog.com.

However, in the same interface you can see a QR code, which when scanned, it gives another message, also in Chinese. When passing that short text through the Google translator, we find the following message, which reveals that everything has been nothing more than a joke : “there is no such software to entertainment hahaha. ”

mensaje burla mineros playstation
Message thrown by scanning the QR code visible on the fake interface. Source: screenshot.

Even with the limitations of Google’s automated translator and the potential for a poorly accurate translation, the message seems clear: at least to As of today, there have been no modifications that allow ETH to be mined on a Sony PlayStation 5 console.

Legacy GPUs keep life for Ethereum mining

It is not that it is impossible, since due to hardware resources, a PS5 could have the ability to extract cryptocurrencies that can be mined with graphics cards (GPUs), rather than dedicated mining equipment, such as Bitcoin’s ASICs. It’s just that, at the moment, no such modification has occurred that allows to do so .

relatively old video players are still able to make a profit from mining on Ethereum.

Last October, CriptoNoticias reported that updates to the Phoenix Miner 5.0b and Team Red Miner 0.7 software. 4 allowed to give a longer life to 4GB graphics cards .

More recently, we reviewed the lolMiner software update, which included the optimization of the “zombie mode”. Thus, low-end cards recovered their potential fulfillment of mining tasks on the Ethereum blockchain , which they had lost due to a previously implemented network update.

This is not the first time that a forced relationship has been established between the PS5, the fifth generation of Sony’s video game consoles, with cryptocurrencies. Since before its release on the market, the name of the console was already involved in this world, with a theft of bitcoins carried out through false presentations of the console on YouTube, as reported in this medium last June.

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