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They videotaped the barely seen, mysterious locations of BKV

The BKV Vlog series guides you into the special world of BKV, unknown to many, which may seem a bit mystical. In the second season of the new locations, familiar and never-before-seen players show how interesting and complex the world of BKV is.

The large company considers it important to use as many channels as possible in its communication: “ BKV and public transport is a topic that has always attracted a lot of people, as evidenced by our open days and programs that have been full for years, and as we have more and more communication tools, we try to use as many interfaces and forums as possible to reach our target group. social media gives us many opportunities for this, so we are now present on several channels and show the values ​​of BKV: in addition to publishing traditional press materials and our website, we also have a Facebook and Instagram page and a YouTube channel , “he said. BKV Zrt. to Computerworld.

Virtual transport company

As a large company in the 21st century, no question an online presence presenting a special, diverse and interesting area, such as public transport and public transport, although it finds its place in cyberspace in many forms. The current epidemic situation has driven BKV’s communication even more online, and we have also created our virtual site visits instead of our open days, the success of which justified our expectations “- they answered the question of Computerworld.hu.

The BKV Vlog, which is already in its second season, was also inspired by this idea: to present the interesting world of BKV in the most colorful way possible. And this genre fits well with this: to show places, areas, jobs where we do not have the opportunity to let everyone interested, which our passengers do not have a view of, all first hand, in the presentation of our colleagues, experts in each topic and area “-

Not only for vehicle fanatics

However, in employer branding ) also plays an important role: our large company thus becomes closer to people, since BKV is actually the people who work in it. The vlog is also one of the pillars of our recruiting activities and a kind of channel for training young people, as in each episode we present a job or area that may have been unknown to jobseekers in more depth, and with the help of the vlog we outline career opportunities for young people. “- the company told us.

The history of the series is not unknown to the fans: in September 2019, the company’s vlog series debuted on BKV’s YouTube channel, in which technical curiosities and behind-the-scenes secrets, with the help of their knowledgeable colleagues, they were able to explore areas such as the electric washroom, the M3 diesel engine house, see the closure of the M2 Kossuth slope, learn what the process of becoming an electrician is called, and even in common parlance Rákos their viewers could also “enter” the mysterious F4 object.

Now, in the second season of the series, the presentation of special locations, vehicles and other curiosities will continue: it will be revealed how a bus driver’s day starts, the they can get to know the popular MUKIT, ie their 7040.

The first part of the 2nd season will debut on BKV’s YouTube channel on February 17, 2021, and then they report every Wednesday on the next episode. All episodes of the series are available on BKV’s YouTube channel.

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