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These IT professionals are increasingly sought after

Published the 2021 Salary Guide report by Hays Hungary on recruitment and selection. The nationwide survey presents current domestic labor market trends and wage levels in fourteen different sectors. The report helps companies to develop their recruitment strategies and pay bands, and shows employees the salaries currently available in their field.

Like other countries in the world, the COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on the Hungarian labor market. As the economy slowed and various regulations came into force, both companies and workers had to adapt to the new situation. Firms also had to re-evaluate their business plans, human resource needs, and recruitment strategies. Workers have begun to look at their career paths and job opportunities from a different perspective. demand. The pharmaceutical industry was among the few industries that have been able to grow in the recent period. The sector has also become more attractive to candidates working in other fields, with plenty applying for inexperienced pharmaceutical jobs, mainly for sales positions. However, companies continue to insist on relevant degrees and work experience for most jobs

In contrast to other industries, there has been a general expansion in IT and wage increases for many positions. The compulsion to work from home has put pressure on the pace of digital transformation in companies. Companies that have hitherto delayed their technological advances now have to catch up with this, be it infrastructure procurement, applications or cloud-based solutions.

Within IT positions demand for customer-centric web developers and UX / UI designers has continued to grow. The importance of IT Security has increased, so more jobs are expected to be available in this area in the coming years. The DevOps area is characterized by a continuing shortage of manpower.

What will the new year bring?

In 2020, in certain sectors, companies applied redundancies or hours to ensure business operations, but also had to pay special attention to the retention and well-being of the existing workforce. Nowadays, the role of coaching and motivation has become more important, as well as continuous communication with employees and building trust with those working online has become more important

Job satisfaction has not changed much compared to the previous year. Forty-five percent of respondents said they were satisfied with their current salary. In addition, 60 percent plan to change jobs in the near future (up from 55 percent in 2019).

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