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The US PC gaming market exploded in 2020

In the context of the coronavirus epidemic, it is almost commonplace for people who are at home to spend much more money on products that make this condition easier and more bearable. For example, spending on mobile apps has skyrocketed, but the laptop market is also buzzing. A recent report by the NPD Group reports similar lessons this time about porting to PC gaming.

A U.S. company survey found that in 2020, Americans sacrificed $ 4.5 billion for PC gaming hardware and supplies, a 62% increase over 2019. The research also covered digital game sales, which also saw a significant jump of 19% last year.

If we look only at the add-ons, the NPD says that customers spent 81% more on them, and the engines of growth were monitors, headphones, and keyboards. Research has seen a 57% increase in revenue from PC gaming hardware, which is still a sizeable plus. In light of these, it is not surprising that time spent on computer games has also jumped, by a total of 14%.

In connection with the report, Stephen Baker, the company’s technology industry consultant, said that 2020 brought several years of growth, but by 2021 a similar explosion is no longer expected. The NPD predicts a 3% increase in overall hardware and accessories this year.

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