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The Red Sea Development Reveals Specifications of the “Coral Bloom” Golf Course

The Red Sea Development Company revealed to Al-Arabiya.net that the design of the world-class golf course on the main island of Coral Bloom was designed according to the sustainability criteria stemming from the company’s principles, and that the playground components are currently being selected according to these criteria and a study The method of maintenance and taking care of the least harm to the environment.

The company confirmed that the final designs will be announced according to the international company implementing it, during the coming weeks, in addition to the start of an understanding with related parties, to host some tournaments on the island. Evil “, so that the stadium tops the list of global stadiums in Saudi Arabia, to work on highlighting the skills and capabilities of players, in addition to containing and discovering Saudi talents in golf and spreading its culture, and providing a suitable place for visitors who practice it to enjoy a different experience on board the island.

She also indicated that the golf area in the project will include approximately 75 residential villas, and a large golf club on an extended area with panoramic views of the island’s coast along the green course consisting of 18 holes in international standards, which will make it the ideal destination. To practice this sport In the open air on large areas of green grass.

Coping with the pandemic

With regard to the impact of the Corona pandemic on the Red Sea project, the company indicated, The current difficult stage that the world is going through gave an opportunity to think about how to cope with the pandemic and its effects and beyond, as the selected engineering offices in the project are characterized by flexibility and respond to all its requirements, to move forward with the pre-built plan, and that it is in the design of the main island called “Coral Bloom will make an evil island the gate that will receive visitors to enjoy it and create their own experiences, explaining that the resorts are designed according to developments and in line with events, and the Corona experience has given a model that we achieve the basic requirements for guests to reconnect with the environment and nature, provide spacious spaces, and avoid narrow corridors, And the use of smart services in most of the services provided.

Saudi companies

The company said: “We were keen in the Red Sea Company to deal with Saudi companies to support The local economy in all steps of the project, and so far we have signed more than 500 contracts with international and local companies; 70% of the value of these contracts was awarded to Saudi companies, thus working with small and medium enterprises complements this goal. ”

Regarding the project’s creation as a gateway of opportunities for the small and medium enterprises sector, she explained that since the beginning of work on The implementation plans of the Red Sea Project, the objectives that seek in its content to open ways of cooperation with small and medium enterprises to support and develop them have been defined, so that we have allowed the sector to enter into tenders, in addition to the preparation of a number of workshops on the registration mechanism in the system of agreements and partnerships with the company to form They have a background and clear information about it.

She also explained: “One of the initiatives was in the construction area, so we had a need for daily services from catering and services to our employees and workers (such as barber shops and catering, for example), and we studied The market or providers of such services in the surrounding area of ​​the project, and we approached them by opening cooperation between us, and today they are with us providing services for their small companies to the project. We also faced a need for logistical services in the daily work of the project, such as delivery services and car rental, and we contracted with a group in order to achieve this, and we permanently communicate with the chambers of commerce around the Kingdom to discuss ways of cooperation and contracting with small and medium enterprises in the project, and the mechanism of submission and cooperation, and we confirm our continued opening More opportunities for these companies out of social responsibility first and for our need for those who provide these services to be sons and daughters of the region in all that they can provide in the coming period. ”

It is mentioned that Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince And the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Development Company, he had recently launched the design vision for “Coral Bloom” for the main island of the Red Sea project, which is one of the largest ambitious tourism projects in the world.

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