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The president reviews his popularity and challenges Ghannouchi: I am the guarantor of the state's survival

Tunisian President Kais Saied affirmed that the state continues and the head of state is the guarantor of its continuity, in a statement that he considered addressed to Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi after trying to downplay his role and the importance of the position of President of the Republic.

It came. This was during a visit that Said made this evening, Tuesday, to the Ministry of the Interior, after a tour he made on Habib Bourguiba Street in the center of the capital Tunis, where he listened to the concerns and expectations of citizens, and through which he reviewed his popularity, in a message addressed to his political opponents.

During a session attended by the Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Interior Hisham Al-Mashishi, the state is in place and freedoms are guaranteed and there is no hostile relationship between the security forces and the citizens, stressing that he does not accept that it takes place Hitting the security establishment as it does not accept hitting freedoms.

Saeed stressed his support for the security forces, stressing that security is in the service of the state and not in the service of any other party, referring in this context to the attempts of some to employ the security establishment and to exploit the current situation for its benefit , In reference to the government coalition that pushed the police forces to repel the anti-government protests calling for the fall of the corrupt organization This ended with clashes between the security forces and the demonstrators.

Qais Saeed suggested unifying union work by establishing a general federation of internal security forces that would have structures represented by election, which is the same proposal that the head of state had made since In the year 2012.

The Speaker of Parliament, Rashid Ghannouchi, considered the role of the head of state, Qais Saeed, as a symbolic one, and suggested changing the political system to a fully parliamentary system that gives the reins of power to the winning party in the parliamentary elections, in statements It was considered a coup against the head of state and the constitution, and it opened a new chapter in the struggle between the three presidencies.

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