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The largest Hungarian big data company proved to be COVID-proof last year

Hungary’s largest business intelligence and big data provider, despite the pandemic, was able to maintain the double-digit growth rate in 2020, which has characterized the development of its sales in recent years.

According to Tamás Földi, CEO of Starschema, this is mainly due to the fact that a significant part of their customers operate in sectors less exposed to the epidemic. “On both the revenue and expenditure side, we were able to substantially meet the figures in the 2020 business plan. In light of this, it can be stated that the company has so far proved resilient to the negative economic effects of COVID-19,” said Tamás Földi

Starschema, which employs more than 200 people, accounts for the majority of its orders, nearly 60 per cent, from the United States, mainly large Fortune 500 companies. Loyal customers include names such as Facebook or Disney, but the list also includes the world’s leading streaming service provider, Netflix.

The phenomenon associated with the pandemic was a sharp rise last year. the proportion of orders from overseas pharmaceutical giants. Among other things, key players in the sector used the business intelligence services of the Hungarian company, such as Johnson & Johnson or Quest Diagnostic, in 2020.

In addition to the US presence, Starschema is making increasing efforts in the European Also for expansion within the Union. Several major European projects were launched or successfully completed in 2019 and 2020, bringing the share of sales from the mainland in total volume up from almost 5 percent to the previous 5.

The Budapest-based company does not intend to make significant changes to its strategy in recent years, the main pillar of which is overseas activity. “This is also a time of caution and waiting for us, when we want to focus primarily on retaining, protecting and moderately growing our employees. In addition to our existing customers, we see opportunities for acquisitions, especially in the pharmaceutical industry and high-tech large companies. pressure is constantly increasing “- said Tamás Földi.

In addition to business results, it is worth highlighting Starschema’s free corona virus information system launched last spring, which currently provides one of the most comprehensive data services in the world, relying on credible epidemic sources. . Developed in partnership with California tech giant Snowflake Inc., the system is a huge help to governments, big international corporations and organizations in making their extraordinary actions and economic decisions. Thousands of data users include names such as UNICEF, CNBC, Johnson & Johnson, already mentioned, or Blackstone, one of the world’s largest fund managers.

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