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The hour of sand is slowly coming to an end

After water and the basic elements, the most consumed raw material in people’s daily lives flows out of our fingers, scientists warn. Experts say sand is becoming an increasingly scarce resource due to growing demand.

We boldly believe that sand is everywhere and we would never assume it will run out once, but the trend has begun, Pascal said. Peduzzi, Climate Scientist of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

The organization’s mission is to scrutinize what is expected over the next ten years so that nothing unexpectedly affects humanity. If we do not think ahead, we can face huge problems. Such is the supply of sand, but also land use in itself. Peduzzi said it was time to panic, although it wouldn’t go much, but it would help a lot to look at and reflect on our delusions about sand.

According to the director of the UNEP Global Resources Information Database,

The United Nations estimates that 4.1 billion tonnes of cement are produced each year, mainly in China, which accounts for almost 60% of the currently ramp-up of sand-based cements.

According to statistics, every tonne of cement requires ten tonnes of sand. This means that the world alone consumes roughly 40-50 billion tons of sand per year for construction. This amount is enough to build a wall 27 feet high and 27 feet wide around the Earth. Annually

The global rate of sand use has tripled in the last two decades, partly due to rapid urbanization and industrialization. This is well above the natural rate at which sand is regenerated due to the weathering of rocks by wind and water.

UNEP has previously warned of thriving “sand mafias” – groups of builders, traders and businessmen known to be countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Kenya and Sierra Leone.

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