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The hospital tragedy shocks Baghdad … calls for the dismissal of the Minister of Health

After the disaster of Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in Baghdad, which killed nearly 23 patients, angry protests took place in the Iraqi capital today, Sunday, to demand the dismissal of Health Minister Hassan Al-Tamimi.

Also During the past few hours, Iraqis have taken to the social media hashtag # the dismissal of the Minister of Health affiliated with the Sadrist movement, amid expectations that the number of victims will rise to 30.

Mourning for 3 days

While the government declared national mourning at dawn For a period of three days for the lives of the dead who were killed in the huge fire that broke out on Saturday night in an intensive care unit designated for treating Covid-19 patients in the hospital.

She said in a statement that after the fire that broke out at Ibn Hospital Al-Khatib, “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi held an emergency meeting with a number of ministers, security leaders and officials, following which he ordered“ to declare mourning for the souls of the martyrs of the accident, ”considering what happened“ damaging the Iraqi national security. ”

Immediate investigation opened

Moreover, Al-Kazemi considered during the emergency meeting that “such The accident is evidence of a failure to do so. I directed that an immediate investigation be opened and reservations about the hospital director, the director of security and maintenance, and all those concerned until the negligence is found and held accountable. ”

He also stressed that“ negligence in such matters is not merely a mistake. Rather, it is a crime for which all negligent persons must bear responsibility, “demanding that” the results of the investigation into the hospital accident be issued within 24 hours and that the negligent be held accountable no matter what. ” A clear directive: Every manager must personally go down and check safety measures. ”

Also,“ No one should tell me a short circuit, this is a defective thing … Check every wire in every public department or A hospital, and any department invoking an electrical call, I will hold everyone accountable. Those who were killed in the fire were “martyrs” and their families were granted “all the rights of the martyrs,” in addition to treating the fire wounded at the expense of the state “including treatment outside Iraq.”

A cylinder explosion Oxygen

It is noteworthy that at midnight the Civil Defense announced that its teams had taken control of the fire, which “began with the explosion of an oxygen cylinder, according to what eyewitnesses confirmed,” noting that “the hospital is empty.” From the system of “sensing fires and extinguishing them, and” the secondary roofs hastened the spread of fires due to their containment of highly flammable plastic materials. “

For its part, the Ministry of Health issued a statement saying that it will” announce the number at a later time. Accurate numbers of victims and wounded, “adding that more than 200 citizens have been rescued from the hospitalized patients.

No official authority has yet issued any toll for the victims of the disaster, but medical sources explained to Agence France-Presse that The disaster that resulted from an explosion caused by “failure to comply with safety conditions related to storing oxygen cylinders” designated for treating Corona patients, resulted in an initial toll of 23 dead and about 50 wounded.

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