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The future of electric mobility by Husqvarna with the Concept E-Pilen

An electric motorcycle with 8 kW of power and a range of 100 km is Husqvarna’s proposal

The Swedish brand Husqvarna was born within one of the oldest industrial groups in the world and it already carries more than three centuries of history.

The motorcycle division, created at the beginning of the last century, went through difficult times at the end of the millennium that almost led to its disappearance. In 2007 it was acquired by the BMW Group, but, after 6 years, the German manufacturer decided to focus on “his” BMW Motorrad and sold the brand to KTM (brand for which Miguel Oliveira runs in MotoGP).


Now the time has come another turn in the Swedish brand, still under the guidance of the Austrians. From a manufacturer specializing in off-road, trial and cross bikes, here he decides to show other skills, this time much more futuristic.

The Husqvarna E-Pilen Concept will have an engine with a battery of 8 kW of power. Something close to 10 horses that clearly indicates the urban vocation, such as the range that is indicated as a maximum of 100 km (just below a Smart-EQ for example).

A futuristic yet simple design, headlight inspired by classic models, extended tank (yes, it is design, there will be no fuel) and the rear is raised.


The Concept E-Pilen as per name indicates, it is still in the design phase, but it seems to give strong indications of the brand’s entry into the world of electric mobility, with concerns in the fulfillment of the zero emissions targets, and, therefore, with a model of city characteristics.

The brand will bet on a concept of replacement batteries a little like the image of its line of electric gardening tools where the pro owner uses one battery while the other is charging.


There is no expected date for the launch, but you must bet on success with young people even because you do not need driving license.

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