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“The farthest point in the universe” … the world awaits the arrival of the “probe of hope”

A few hours separate the world from the arrival of the Emirati “probe of hope” to the capture orbit around Mars, making it the first Arab probe to be launched outside Earth’s orbit to explore the red planet.

After less than 12 hours, the “Hope Probe” is scheduled to start slowing its speed automatically from 121 thousand kilometers per hour to 18 thousand kilometers per hour, within 27 minutes known as the “27-minute blind”, using the six reverse thrust engines. Delta in the “supplied by the probe. )

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, tweeted hours ago:“ Tomorrow we celebrate fifty years of establishment by our arrival. To Mars, God willing … we celebrate the fruit of the work of Zayed and Rashid, may God bless them in building mankind .. Tomorrow we begin preparing for the new fifty .. Tomorrow we prove to the world that nothing is impossible for the Emirates and Emiratis .. Tomorrow we will reach the Arabs to the farthest point in the universe. ”

“The Journey of Hope”

It is mentioned that the “Probe of Hope” journey was launched From the Japanese Tanegashima Center on July 20, 2020, with an automatic weight of 1350 kilograms, which is about the size of an SUV.

He used the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries platform for the launch from the Japanese Tanegashima Space Center.

In turn, Emirati officials emphasized that Tuesday’s maneuver to enter Mars’ orbit is “the most important and complex,” noting that slowing the spacecraft’s speed to the point that allows it to enter the orbit of gravity will be of great importance.

In addition, the Emirates Mars Exploration Project is the first Arab project to study the Red Planet, while the Hope Probe is an ambitious project to register an Arab scientific and research presence in the field of planet exploration, to be The UAE is the fifth country in the world to achieve this achievement.

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