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The City of Madrid’s digital administration office has chosen Fujitsu to implement its digital transformation program

The Madrid Digital program aims to use state-of-the-art information and communication technology (ICT) to meet citizens’ needs more effectively – through more efficient and agile delivery of solutions and administrative services. To this end, the program asked Fujitsut to redesign its digital infrastructure. Under the three-year agreement, which can be extended for another two years, Fujitsu will create an Internet security-protected, automated, self-sustaining operating model with a new hybrid cloud architecture.

The infrastructure supports Madrid Digital’s goal of innovative, efficient and provide secure services to government agencies in the region. In this way, the organization can develop a more efficient operating model for the provision of high-quality public services, focusing on excellent operation and the introduction of new technologies.

Fujitsu will implement the transformation program in three phases. The second and third phases, following the design, analysis and design of the service transformation processes, cover the gradual implementation. Continuous development, training and change management will be a priority for Fujitsu during the execution of the contract

Fujitsu has a long tradition of managing and transforming infrastructure, applications and services and is well versed in system management services. in its digital transformation. It has also gained significant experience in supporting the administrative and operational structure of the Servicio Madrileño de Salud (SERMAS), which integrates all public hospitals and health services in the Madrid regional health system. The company has been operating SERMAS’s centralized and virtualized IT infrastructure for more than 12 years. It serves 32 hospitals and centralized software for 430 primary care centers

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