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The Americans are disappointed with their “representatives” .. Is it time for the third party?

In an indication of weariness with the partisan division within the United States of America, nearly two-thirds of Americans said that the United States needs a third major political party, because the Republican Party and the Democratic Party “are doing a poor job of representing the American people,” according to a poll New by Gallup.

In the poll released on Monday, 62 percent of Americans said a third party was needed, while 33 percent said the two current major parties are doing “appropriate” work and represent a majority Political opinions of Americans.

The poll result is the largest for people who say the United States needs a third party since Gallup began polling on the same question in 2003.

He points out. The poll also points to the second lowest percentage of people who said the current parties are sufficient after 26 percent of respondents said so in the October 2013 poll.

Both parties have positive ratings, but they are less than 50 percent. 48 percent of Americans view the Democratic Party in a positive light, while the Republican Party is viewed positively by 37 percent.

Four out of 10 Republicans say they want their party to become more conservative after the end of former President Donald Trump’s term. While 34% hope it will remain the same, and only 24% want it to become more moderate.

But the Democrats are more divided, with 34% wanting their party to shift to the left, and 34% wanting the party to remain the same. He, and 31 percent want to turn right.

Gallup poll results are based on responses from 906 US adults living in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. from January 21 to February 2.

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