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Telework will remain for another three months

In order to reduce health risks, telework may be agreed between employers and employees by 23 May 2021, contrary to the legal framework, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) has announced. The transitional provisions may be applied for a further period of three months in accordance with the extension of the emergency. This allows for a number of facilitations, including the freedom to choose where to work. Telework can be implemented even partially, in part of the working days. The employer can contribute to the employee’s expenses, the reimbursement is a maximum of 10 percent of the current minimum wage, so this year it can be HUF 16,740 per month.

practice. If the transition does not hinder or hinder employees in the performance of their duties, it may be worthwhile for them to work from home. This puts you at risk of infection not only in the workplace, but also when you get there.

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