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Stream “double-double” against the team represented by Gražuulis

Stream “double-double” against the team represented by Gražuulis
Artūrs Strautiņš | Photo: A. Gilardi / Ag. Ciamillo Castoria

Italy Latvian basketball player Artūrs Strautiņš stood out in the Italian A-series game on Wednesday with 19 points and 14 rebounds, but his team Varese “Openjobmetis” suffered a loss. The Varese team gave away 83: 108 (20:28, 27:26, 17:17, 19:37) to the Trieste “Allianz”, in the ranks of which Andrejs Gražulis played.

Strautiņš spent 33 minutes and 51 seconds on the court, during which he scored 19 points and won 14 rebounds, accumulating “double-double”. He was the most productive player on his team. The basketball player scored four of the eight two-point and three of the ten three-point shots in the basket, as well as realized both “penalties”. The Latvian basketball player also played twice, earned one personal note and ended the game with a negative +/- score of -27, which was the second worst performance in the team. Strautiņa teammate Ingus Jakovičs was not registered for this match

Trieste team in Gražulis square spent 16 minutes and 30 seconds, during which he did not score, but won five balls under the baskets and scored three times. He missed all four two-point shots, earned four personal notes, provoked opponents for two fouls and finished the game with a 14/- 14 score. and Michel Ruciers. For the Varese team, this was the first game since December 27, because in the beginning of January, several basketball players in the team were diagnosed with Covid-19.

The Series A tournament is continued by 15 teams that have played a different number of games due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Trieste’s team with eight wins in 16 games takes seventh place, while “Openjobmetis” has accumulated three successes in 13 matches and is in the 15th position.

Women, Turkey

Latvia basketball player Anete Steinberga scored four points on Wednesday and helped her team “Istanbul” Galatasaray win a devastating victory in the Turkish Premier League. Istanbul’s Galatasaray home won Samsun’s Canik with 123:41 (31; 8, 26; 9, 30:11, 36:13).

Steinberg spent three minutes and 48 seconds on the field, during which he scored four points, won two rebounds and scored once. The basketball player missed the only three-point throw to the basket, but took all four “penalties”. Steinberg ended the game with a +/- score of +7.

The most productive Istanbul team with 22 points and 15 Misra Albajraka was the scorer. The Istanbul team has won 16 games in 18 games this season and ranks second. The leader of the tournament with 18 wins in all games is Istanbul’s “Fenerbahce”, whose ranks were left on Tuesday by Kristīne Vītola.

ULEB Eurolīga

Latvian basketball player Jānis Strēlnieks scored three points in the 22nd round of the ULEB Euroleague game on Wednesday and helped his team in Moscow CSKA to win. CSKA won the Berlin “Alba” with the guests at 71:68 (20:15, 14:22, 18:19, 19:12)

Sagittarius spent 23 minutes and 57 seconds on the field, during which he scored three points and scored three times. The basketball player sent one of the three two-point shots in the basket, took one of the two “penalties”, but missed the only long shot. Sagittarius also made three mistakes, earned two personal notes, provoked opponents for two rule violations and ended the game with a negative efficiency ratio of -1.

The most productive in the CSKA team with 20 points was Tornike Šengelija, who reached 2000 points in the Euroleague on Wednesday. In the Berlin team, Peiton Siva stood out with 15 points. Mike James could not help the Russian club in this duel. Last Friday, after the Euroleague match with Istanbul’s “Fenerbahce” in the locker room, he was involved in a conflict with another legionnaire, Torniki Shengele. In order not to upset the team spirit, CSKA decided not to take James on a trip to Berlin. Several basketball media have already reported his possible departure from CSKA.

Another game is played by Vitorija, represented by Artūrs Kurucs. “TD Systems Baskonia” gave away 77:83 (26:17, 20:18, 7:23, 24:25) guests to the USB of Wilbrain from France, whose ranks were left by Richard Lomaž four days ago. Kurucs was the replacement. In the Vitoria team, Aleks Peters scored 15 points and won five balls under the baskets, while ASVEL scored 21 points for David Laitija, while Noriss Kohl scored one less.

It has already been reported that on Tuesday, the Khimki team of the Moscow region, represented by Dair Bertan and John Timma, gave way to Bayern Munich with 93:95, while Roland Schmidt’s team “Barcelona” with 85:81 defeated. St. Petersburg’s “Zenit”. Bertan stood out with 15 points, Timma scored eight points, and Schmidt stood out with two points.

Tournament leader with 16 wins in 22 matches is “Barcelona”, CSKA is just as winning, but the Vitoria club with nine successes is in 13th place. Khimki has only won two games in 22 games and takes the last or 18th position. Also this season, ten countries with 18 teams are represented in the Euroleague, which is the same as in the previous season. The teams will play in a two-lap tournament, with the top eight entering the playoffs. The Euroleague champion will be determined in Cologne, where the final four tournament will take place. Last season, the champion was not determined, the tournament ended six rounds before the end of the regular championship.


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