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Stranger than imagination in Egypt .. She killed her sister and turned herself in after 11 years

11 years ago, an 8-year-old Egyptian girl died, and her family buried her body. After all these years passed, the police discovered that her death was not normal and that the older sister was behind the commission of the crime.

In the details, the investigation officers of Al-Maasara Police Station, south of Cairo, were surprised by a 27-year-old girl asking to see them, and after they allowed her to So, she surprised them with shocking confessions and her involvement in the killing of her sister 11 years ago.

The girl, Farida, said that one day in the year 2010, she killed her little sister, Asala, who was 8 years old, in her home in Maasara. She added that she was playing with her younger sister in the absence of their parents, and an altercation occurred between them, which resulted in her suffocating her to utter her last breath at once.

She stated that after the family returned, she told them that she was playing with her sister and the latter fell unconscious and passed away. The family bury the child after the health inspector confirmed that there was no criminal suspicion in her death.

The girl added that throughout these years she felt remorseful, and after long thought she decided to admit her crime and comply with the punishment, asking her family to forgive her.

The girl was referred to the prosecution office, which decided to investigate.

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