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Strange symptoms that may appear on Corona recoverers after months … Global Health explains

Some patients recovering from Covid-19 suffer from long-term symptoms that cause weakness or inability to return to work in some cases, according to Dr. Janet Diaz, Head of the Health Care Preparedness Division of the World Health Organization.

She expressed her fear that the so-called “post-Covid-19” symptoms among those recovering could have an impact on global health due to the scale of the epidemic.

Heterogeneous symptoms

In a video clip broadcast on the UN headquarters account In Geneva, on the Twitter platform, Dr. Diaz explained that post-recovery symptoms from Covid-19, which are a heterogeneous group of symptoms that appear after severe cases that have been treated in hospitals or in intensive care units, have been monitored.

Fatigue and brain fog

Dr. Diaz explained that reports indicate that the most common of these symptoms or complications, which can be To appear after a month, three, or even six months after recovery, and includes feeling fatigued and very tired after physical exertion and cognitive impairment, which some patients sometimes describe as a “fog in the brain”.

The doctor indicated Diaz notes that over time, more is learned about the periods of these symptoms, which are expected mainly among severe disease cases that received treatment in intensive care units and that J is a fairly common problem, known as post-intensive care syndrome.

Mild cases are also

She added, “But what is new is that some mild cases of Covid-19 patients, who did not receive treatment inside the hospital, were prescribed the treatment protocol for them in outpatient clinics in hospitals and remained at home, and they also showed persistent symptoms. After recovering from COVID-19 or having the same complications intermittently. Dr. Diaz added that other complications include shortness of breath, coughing, and psychological and neurological health complications.

And Dr. Diaz said that it is still not known what caused these symptoms or complications or what the pathophysiology of this condition is, pointing to Researchers are working hard to unravel the mystery of those symptoms that extend beyond recovery. Answers to these questions. ”

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