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Storj's storage platform now supports Amazon S3

Storj Labs, a cloud storage services company for developers, launched on April 20, 2021 Storj DCS, a decentralized chain storage platform multitenant (multi -tenant) and compatible with Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service. According to the company, this service will allow users to take advantage of unbreakable privacy and higher levels of security.

This product replaces Tardigrade, which was launched in 2020 and that, as CriptoNoticias explained at that time, it was based on the Ethereum network, but with the difference that it offers a new user experience, lower price and added functions to work in the decentralized cloud. with ease.

In conjunction with the launch of Storj DCS, the company also cut the prices of decentralized storage services in half and more than 80% for broadband services.

As highlighted by the Storj publication in which this novelty was presented, the chain multitenant allows developers to start storing information in Storj DCS by just changing a few codes in their existing Amazon S3-compatible applications.

This Amazon Simple Storage Service, called Amazon S3, is a data storage system that stands out for its storage capacity and for its availability in various applications.

It should be noted that Storj will continue to offer gateways (gateway or gateway) services with Local hostings for customers who prefer this alternative.

Another added tool is multipart upload, which improves performance when storing large files. Likewise, highlights the integration with many Open Source software used by developers , such as FileZilla, MongoDB, Duplicati, Plesk and Rclone.

Storj DCS, recommended for developers

Ben Golub, President and CEO de Storj said that “developers love the simplicity of the cloud, but are often in conflict with the privacy and security drawbacks of centralized providers.” Storj’s services, says Golub, can solve these problems by “offering better control of your data at a lower cost and without extra effort.” In this way, “they can build more private and secure applications.”

For his part, Lukas Hertig, vice president of business development at Plesk / WebPros Group, stated that “decentralized storage is the future of the web3, and it is also a way to gain independence from centralized market players ”

In mid-2020, Storj had struck a deal with file transfer software FileZilla to allow its users to access the Tardigrade service by simply creating an account. Although this option presented certain storage limits discussed in CriptoNoticias at that time, it represented another advantage for designers and programmers.

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