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Splatoon 2 gets update 5.4.0: what's new?

Splatoon 2 receives update 5.4.0: review of the news

As planned, a new update is now available on this game from Nintendo Switch . This is a patch that the developers have officially released on the console recently.

Specifically, This version 5.4.0 of the game includes several fixes and adjustments that are intended to improve the user experience on the hybrid console. You can consult the list of news just below:

Weapon Change
  • Ink Launcher
  • Ink Launcher B
  • Elegant Ink Launcher
  • Elite Pistol (replica)
  • Otarian pistol (replica)
  • Increases the probability that the surface around of your feet becomes ink when shooting.
  • Splasher 2000
  • Splasher 2000 DX
  • Elegant 2000 Splasher
  • Increases the radius of ink falling when shooting far by 27%.
  • Dual Atomizer
  • Dual Master Atomizer
  • Single Dual Atomizer
  • Decreases shooting ink consumption by 5%.
  • Diffuser du al
  • Dual diffuser B
  • Smart Dual Diffuser
  • Elite Dual Diffuser (Replica)
  • Decreases shooting ink consumption by 5%.
  • Heavy Drum
  • Heavy Drum D
  • Cherry Heavy Ink Drum
    Increases shooting ink consumption by 25%.
  • Dryer
  • Dye B
  • Dual sweeper
  • Dual SP sweeper
  • Increase shot spatter when shooting right after jumping by 25%.
Secondary Weapon Change
  • Torpedo
  • Increase time until the ink begins to refill after use in approximately 8/60 of a second.

Changes in the points required to use special attacks:

    4K Inker

Weapon Before now
Elegant Novice Ink Launcher 200 190
Elegant classic paratintas 200 190
Chokkor Ink Chargers 210 220
Chargers with Chokkor sight 210 220
170 180
4K Tensor 170 180
Dual SP sweeper 210 220

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in Erizo Auditorium where it was possible to access the opposing team’s base by jumping from certain walls.
  • Fixed an issue in Corvette Corvina where it was possible to access the opposing team’s base jumping off certain walls.
  • Fixed an issue in Botanical Garden where it was possible to access the opposing team’s base by jumping from certain walls.
  • Fixed an issue in Gobio Gate where it was accessing to enter the opponent’s team base by transferring between certain walls.

    Other changes:

    • We see changes after version 5.3.0 release and made adjustments to slightly reduce the combat power of certain weapons that seemed to have an advantage in combat.
  • In addition, in order to increase the variety of selected weapons, we made adjustments to various weapons to increase their competitiveness against the most popular weapons .
  • We will observe the changes after this update and we will make further adjustments to Splatoon 2 in the future.
  • When you download the latest update data, you will no longer be able to communicate in The Whirlpool with players using older update data.
  • This update also includes changes that are not listed here, as improvements in the gaming experience.
  • Sufficient space is required in the internal memory of the console or a microSD card to download the update.
  • The saved data will remain available for use after downloading the update.
  • What do you think? Have you already updated it? Do not hesitate to share in the comments if you have found any news other than those mentioned in the list.


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