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shakha vs our shakha: AAP for taking rashtrawad battle against RSS to maidans, mohallas in above

men and women They will collect and read the preamble to the constitution and tell stories of Icons of the independence movement before it was taken up Threads of Objective interest, from inflation to unemployment – under the auspices of Three colors.

In July, such scenes are likely to appear play out Through the village squares and city squares of Uttar Pradesh with Adam’s public party planning ‘Teranga Chachat’, in what party The claims are an attempt to counter the nationalist push of the BJP, and to strengthen its organizational presence in The most populous state in the country.

AAP leaders say the idea also Fits larger fabric of The party-centered campaigns’real Rushtrade (Nationalism)” – From Teranga Yatras, to Installation of High mast tricolor across Delhi, to the front of deshbhakti . curriculum in Schools, to raise issues like Health and education.

Teranga shachat also Go one step Further – by drawing parallel with RSS feed model of the ages in No name of Meetings, members called “promukh” organized, and way AAP will hold them. In addition, bloom of The three colors will stand out at AAP meetings fact The RSS feed raises its flag when it is old. Sang opponents often accuse her of of Put her husband before Teranga.

“I will launch a program first This is an old Teranga in Lucknow on July 1st, our shakhs will be open to every gender, every person community, each layer. High school children Could you also Posting, “AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh, credited with being the mind behind initiative, he said.

In the daily RSS posts, numbering more More than 65,000 across the country, saffron and volunteers are deployed perform Pranam zawaj (greetings to him) through songs. Then, under the supervision of of “baudhhik pramukh” Volunteers express their opinions on social issues, while “Sharirik pramukh” leads the members in physical exercises for fitness. And after the shakh, the marriage will come down And walk away safely.

In AAP shakhas, after revealing Tricolor and volunteers reading from the constitution, leaders will talk about personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhimrao Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqullah Khan and others. The party 10,000 “Teranga Chacha Pramukhs” will be appointed to run the meetings.

Sanjay Singh said the place of Teranga Shakhas will vary depending on on conditions. “Maybe in A domain somewhere, or maybe someone’s house party offices. everyone options It is explored, ‘Singh, AAP in-the shipment in Uttar Pradesh said.

More importantly, he said, Teranga Chacha will not be “male-only” clubs, in Veiled mockery in RSS gatherings where women Not allowed.

These shawakhas will discuss important issues of Country, like The need for Improve health infrastructure, education, unemployment and make people flag about politics and sharing in He. She. We will call apolitical people from all sections of the society for “These shawakhas,” said AAP spokesman Vibhav Maheshwari.

he is added: AAP will detoxify a polluted atmosphere by RSS with its agenda of hatred. People will compare the ages of AAP and RSS”.

While the plan is to eventually detain Teranga Chachat up To the mass level, this will begin with wards in urban areas, with AAP plans to advance UP with scheduled civic opinion polls for Later this year. The party A Mohala Prabari will be assigned to every 30 families for The election.

The plan is to get a fingerprint in All provinces 75 of state by July.

In the 2022 UP Assembly election, most AAP candidates lost their deposits, with The party Management just A 0.38% vote share.

“We are planning to expand up the number of shakhas to 10,000 in the end. There are approximately 12,000 dormitories in my country in level up of Municipal companies to nagar panchayats or city areas where we will present candidates. “It is for this that the unity of our state is reformed,” Singh said.

Maheshwari AAP said it is also Planning other activities for get involved with peoplebut this has not yet been completed.

a party The employee said they don’t care about criticism over Planned shas. “Some critics they say this shows that AAP is B-team of Bharatiya Janata Party. Many of people Our skeptical move. but we are patient. When they see our sisters, they will understand the difference between sisters of AAP and of RSS feed,” the employee said.

The AAP will do just that, said Narendra Singh of RSS Purvi Keshtra Prashar Pramukh soon I realize the foolishness of her idea. “In a democracy, everyone has the right to organize shoahs. But it needs dedication to the assembly.” people at one place every day. Others also tried to keep the shakhas in The pastBut failed. RSS has a large and powerful domain network And organize the people for society and people. The AAP will organize the polls just to create voters.”


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