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Shaima Saif to Al-Arabiya.net: “Zumba” exhausted me … and my blood pressure increased for this reason

With the character of “Zumba”, which comedian Shaima Saif excelled in the series “In Our House is a Robot”, there has been a breakthrough in her artistic career as she is the first artist to present a robot character in a comic form.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya.net, Shaima talked about the experience, how she performed a robot character, the challenges of the series, her opinion of the absolute heroism and her relationship with Donia Samir Ghanem and her closest friends in the artistic community.

The series “In Our House is a Robot” is an unconventional series that carries a great risk, so how did the project come about?

In an idea for the producer, actor and director Hisham Gamal, and the beginning was when he spoke to us in a work of 45 episodes and includes 3 stories, and each story includes a story completely different from the one before it, but it combines Only four heroes are Me, Hashma Jamal, Amr Wahba, and Laila Zahir, with different characters that we will play completely in each story.

Because of the strength and modernity of the robot story, we decided to be the first story in the work and we will start the other story and prepare it after that.

The character “Zumba” is p Barara about a robot .. so how did you prepare for a role so strange?

Sure, which actor will be baffled in performing the role of a human character, let alone With the personality of a moving inanimate or inanimate robot, it is assumed that it will pass through human, comedic and tragic situations, and I certainly understood from the beginning that the character of “Zumba” requires a lot of preparation and must have a special style that is not human and at the same time effective and stable, and the manner of speech, performance, movement and eye gaze, and even put All of these things took us very much effort and it was exhausting and scary, and there was great stress as well as the shooting schedule included 18 hours a day and the whole experience was difficult and fun at the same time.

Did the “Zumba” robot character affect you in reality?

Nobody will believe It happened to me that I was daily for 18 hours doing the character Zumba and there are simple hours of sleep and wake up to be Zumba automatically and I forgot myself completely and from the frequent getting into the character and getting used to it, I became feeling like a Zumba in my normal life to the point that I speak like it at some times and I was walking in my house That way, while shooting this story.

Tell us About the difficult and funny scenes that you encountered while filming the series?

The most difficult scenes in the series were those scenes of “the bald” in The beginning of the episodes where “Zumba” was bald and it was very difficult, and also embarrassing. I put a trick to look bald with certain make-up and was terrified of the shape. I was ashamed of her appearance during filming. There were scenes that provoke laughter to the point that we repeat ten times because we cannot control ourselves, and the most prominent of these scenes is the scene of a person proposing to “Zumba” sermon.

What was the thing that scared you the most before the show “In Our Home is a Robot” and the character “Zumba”?

Everything was so scary, The whole experience is new and unprecedented at least for me, and I was terrified greatly during filming and before showing this work, to the point where I often became exhausted and my pressure rose from the intensity of anxiety, and I did not sleep from my fear of people receiving the work and me while I was a robot character, which is a character People did not see me with it, and I cannot do comedies or funny phrases as they are used to me, and in general I like games Once, I knew that the issue is a risk for the entire work team, but I was encouraged because everything must be a risk and I will not present anything new, so I decided to introduce “Zumba” and left it to God.

The series achieved great success from the audience, and there was a strong reaction to Rudo, so how did you react to that?

After the presentation of the first episode, I was surprised by how many messages and commendations I did not expect, and the size of my happiness cannot be described by the reactions that continued daily with the presentation of the episodes, and the most beautiful thing is that the work impressed all members of the family, and affected people very much, and I felt success when I was walking On the street, people are calling me Zumba.

Your relationship is strong physically, Samir Ghanem, and we knew that she was the first to congratulate you on the success of “In Our Home is a Robot” Is this true?

Really true, she is the first person to talk to me after the first episode of the series was shown, and Dunya communicates with me on a daily basis, and during the series She was talking about the most prominent situations that I laughed at, and there are many other colleagues who congratulated me on the work.

It is said that your friends from the artistic community are not many, who is closest to your heart?

My relationship with Bam Most of the stars in the artistic community are good, they are great colleagues, but the closest friends to my heart are Donia Samir Ghanem, Hisham Gamal, Rogina, and Ayten Amer.

After a good comedic career, do you dream of absolute heroism?

Trust me, I do not recognize the idea of ​​absolute heroism, nor do I even believe in it, I like the effect and importance of the role most, and this is what remains with the artist and not the size of the role or the genre and other accounts, and the evidence that the size of the role is neither the scale nor the absolute heroism is that many actors presented smaller roles that were more influential than the main roles, and other actors presented works An absolute championship, but they did not achieve any success.

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