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Security art: an eye-catching collaboration between contemporary artist Kaspersky and Felipe Pantone on the occasion of Privacy Day

We celebrate International Privacy Day on January 28, which Kaspersky is celebrating this year with an art collaboration with a contemporary artist, Felipe Pantone.

Digital our world today is completely covered in personal and sensitive data such as credit card information, text messages and photos. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to effectively protect this vast amount of information: data protection is now a real art. The potential impact of online data protection and data breaches on people and organizations is a critical risk for everyone in today’s interconnected world. That is why it is essential to keep our personal data and online interactions secure, as this is the only way for technology to continue to play a positive and indispensable role in our lives.

Collaborative work of art – made of aluminum and plexiglass futuristic hexagon – the global cybersecurity company and the well-known artist want to point out that online privacy is far more than data protection: it’s also important that people pay as much attention to protecting their digital identity as they do to physical data.

“My work” W3-Structural K “for Kaspersky was inspired by hi-tech architecture emphasizing structures and technologies inside buildings. The form of the work of art evokes a protective shield that tech cyber security, “said Felipe Pantone.

Kaspersky and the The collaboration between z rests on a solid foundation based on common values, including a passion for innovation and continuous improvement. The artist uses the latest technologies and materials to try to express his inner self as effectively as possible. By developing state-of-the-art solutions, Kaspersky ensures that people can reach the full potential of today’s interconnected digital world and strives to create a secure future.

“Data surrounds us – from mobile phones and laptops to smartphones and smartphones. At the same time, the data is just a click away from falling into the wrong hands, ”said Marco Preuss, director of Europe for Kaspersky’s global research and analysis team. “As digitization becomes more widespread around the world, many services are becoming increasingly data-driven. While collecting users’ personal data can help improve the consumer experience and expand opportunities, it is important for society to be aware of the potential risks and opportunities of sharing personal data online. Sharing involves not only risk, but sometimes a certain kind of threat, so it’s important to think about what can happen to digital privacy and data protection – so that we can continue to help keep sensitive data secure. “

Kaspersky recommends the following procedures for the protection of personal data:

Be aware of what personal data you share on the Internet, especially when uploading personally identifiable photos, tickets or invoices to netre. There is a risk that any data uploaded to the Internet will fall into the wrong hands.

Always check the permission settings in the social media accounts and applications you use to minimize the possibility of your data is shared with third parties – and even others – without your knowledge, or that it is stored by third parties. Use Kaspersky Privacy Checker to learn how to change the privacy settings of the online services you use so that you can take control of your personal information.

Use two-factor authentication for banking services and other important to secure your primary email account linked to web pages. If you want to sign in to questionable services, it’s best to create a secondary email address.

Use a VPN if you’re connected to insecure Wi-Fi networks.

Avoid using weak or repetitive passwords. You can check the strength of your passwords at https://password.kaspersky.com/. Use Kaspersky Password Manager software to create a secure, unique password for each account.

Stop sharing your personal information (used to send targeted advertisements) with online merchants. Some of the features available in this cyber security solution, such as Kaspersky Total Security and the Private Browsing feature in Kaspersky Internet Security, can help. You can read the privacy forecasts of Kaspersky’s leading cyber security experts for 2021.

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