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Scotty, beam me up: Zuckerberg talks about teleporting at Clubhouse

Teleportation, Mark Zuckerberg imagines a little different than the Star -Trek crew. (Image: Rob Lavers LRPS / Shutterstock.com)

Like Elon Musk before, Mark Zuckerberg asked questions about the future of the club on the “Good Times” channel. He particularly focused on opportunities through mixed reality.

We should teleport, not transport, says Mark Zuckerberg. That would not only be good for the climate, it would also save a lot of time. People could live where they want and still be present wherever necessary.

Teleportation not to be understood literally

However, Zuckerberg did not speak of a form of teleportation as we know it from Star Trek. Rather, the Facebook boss imagines a combination of virtual and augmented reality. We recently presented details of corresponding glasses from Apple.

Zuckerberg’s teleportation begins with putting on one Headsets. In this headset, a partly virtual, partly real environment is displayed in which people can interact with one another. The simplest example could be a meeting room in which the distributed team takes a seat at the conference table and the presentations are projected onto the virtual screen in the usual way – a kind of zoom on steroids.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook is already working intensively on such a teleportation technology. Coordinating all systems to one another in such a way that a seamless environment is created that initially withstands comparison with a real situation and then improves it is a long way, according to Zuck23, as Zuckerberg is called in Clubhouse.

Facebook wants to use technology itself

By the way, Facebook wants to set a shining example and convert around 50 percent of its workforce to collaboration using this VR / AR technology by the end of the decade. However, Zuckerberg sees a lot of work ahead of the developers.

The technology would also be a special challenge to help achieve social acceptance. This would require headsets that are so miniaturized that they look like thick glasses.

Whoever Would like to hear Zuckerberg’s statements in original sound, can do so on Youtube. The channel First Principle uploaded a recording there.

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