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Saudi Arabia .. These are the results of the investigations of dog biting the child “Al Wasila”

The Riyadh Municipality revealed the results of the investigations of the committee formed into the Al-Wasila incident, in which a child was killed, after stray dogs strayed her in an agricultural area near the capital Riyadh.

The committee said in a statement: “It is following up. From the Governor of Riyadh, Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, the committee concluded its investigations into the circumstances of the incident in the suburb of Al-Washaila, southwest of the capital, and raised urgent results and recommendations that will contribute to neutralizing the danger of stray animals. ”

The results indicated that the specializations and responsibilities are multiple, and that a number of authorities share, because the site of the accident is located in an agricultural area 55 km from the urban area While the supervisory scope of the municipalities is limited to what is within the urban boundary of cities and governorates.

In agricultural areas, dead animals are frequently thrown by farm owners, which contributed to the increase in the number of stray dogs in light of adherence to the controls of non Exposure to animals in areas outside the boundaries of development in line with animal welfare regulations and circulars of the competent environmental authorities.

The committee came up with several recommendations, most notably Here is the necessity to implement intensive campaigns within the urban boundary to investigate stray dogs, integrate with the competent authorities outside the urban boundary, and remove all dead animals from the lands surrounding farms, in addition to working to secure urgent supplies for health protection materials and animal control in the governorates and centers of the capital.

The committee’s recommendations included the formation of a specialized team that identifies the needs of action plans to combat stray animals within the region’s municipalities and emphasize the importance of the awareness role to clarify the risk of throwing carcass and food leftovers to stray animals in a random manner.

The Mayor of Riyadh Region submitted the committee’s report to Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh Region, including the recommendations of the committee that the region’s mayor directed to form to find urgent solutions that contribute to neutralizing the dangers of stray animals.

The secretariat affirmed its keenness on the safety of all Citizens and residents, and her commitment to the principles of transparency with public opinion, offering her deepest condolences to the parents of the child, asking God Almighty to make her an intercessor for her parents, and to inspire her parents with patience and solace.

Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz offered, a The district of Riyadh, condolences and sympathy for the families of the “Al Washela suburb” girl, who was recently involved in an accident. Prince Faisal, in a phone call he made to the girl’s father, asked the Lord – glory and majesty – to compel the affliction of her relatives and to inspire them patience and solace.

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