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Sarah Palin announces run for Congress in Alaska

Palin, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate in 2008 and conservative smut who contributed to fueling anti-establishment sentiment that gripped party since she ran with the late Senator John McCain many years ago, said in statement that she planned to “honor” the nearly five decades that Young had served in Congress, “offering itself up in name of service to the state, which he loved and fought against for.”

“America is at a turning point,” she said. “Since I have watched far left destroy country, I knew that I should step up as well as join in fight.”

Palin joins crowded field of Candidates to replace Young, longtime Alaska representative who died last month at age 88. Although she is old removed from her last pre-election rate, it is included in race as a common name in state.

BUT special primary will take place June 11 and special general elections place on August 16, the same day as the Alaska primary. contests will first to use States new elections system where all candidates run on single bulletin in primary and top four candidates go to general elections.

in general elections, the winning candidate will be determined by rating voting.

Since launch for vice president, Palin didn’t look for another elected office even if party moved more to the rhetoric made her distinguished vice presidency pick.

In 2009, shortly after she and McCain lost to the then-sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Palin resigned as governor of Alaska, citing pressure and financial restrictions that came with master of ethics complaints. Palin has since gone on be a staple on Republican convention, regularly appearing at large meetings of Republican activists criticize Democrats. And she was a sought after endorsement for some Republican candidates, including Donald Trump when he successfully ran for the president in 2016.

Palin teased possible bet in recent media appearance.

“There’s a time and a season for everything and if this season one Where I am need but more official platform to have then yes I’m going throw my hat in ring because we need people who there are cojones,” she told Fox. – We need people, like Donald Trump, who nothing to lose, like me.”

This story was updated with more details Friday.

Ethan Cohen of CNN contributed to this report.


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