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Sana'a … Houthi concrete walls to separate female and university students

The Yemeni Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Eryani, said, “The Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia has begun to separate male and female students in the classrooms of government universities located in the kidnapped capital Sanaa and the rest of its control areas, with concrete walls, in an unprecedented incident.”

A great role for women in public life and society.

He pointed out that the practices of the terrorist Houthi militia reflect their barbarity and their absurd attempts to exploit their emergency control over the kidnapped capital Sana’a and a number of governorates to perpetuate and impose their extremist belief and ideas on society by force and coercion

The Yemeni Minister of Information called on the international community and all honorable and free people in the world to realize the reality of the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization not different from the terrorist organizations, and to stand by the Yemenis to restore their country and be free from this dark and gloomy fate.

Activists on social media circulated photos of one of the university halls, and concrete walls were constructed to separate male and female students, as part of new arbitrary restrictions added to a series of widespread Houthi violations For human rights under what it calls “the identity of faith,” and the prohibition of brotherhood

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