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Salaries in the IT sector are even higher this year

Last year, as in most industries, there were significant changes in the IT labor market, which even defines the year 2021. Is there still a shortage, is AI really reducing the number of IT jobs and what is expected this year? Here is Bluebird’s IT job market overview

Five years – doubling demand for IT professionals

According to last year’s survey by the Association of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Electronics Companies They are looking for more and more workers in the IT sector by 2015, and the demand for IT professionals has doubled in five years since their 2015 survey. Despite the growing popularity of IT training programs in adult education in recent years, there has been only a small increase in the number of graduate IT professionals. In the 2015 survey, IVSZ reported 3,000 vacancies and that the IT market could have employed a total of 22,000 more people in two years. By 2020, the number of currently vacant jobs has increased to 9,000 and the employment potential has doubled to 44,000. Of course, this is not only typical for Hungary, for example, there is a large labor shortage in the infocommunications sector in other European countries as well. With the emergence of new trends and the rapid growth of the infocommunications sector, Europe still faces a shortage of more than 800,000 skilled IT workers by 2020, creating some 120,000 new jobs. Due to significant labor shortages, companies are forced to employ employees with lower qualifications than they are looking for.

Constantly changing trends can lead to fluctuations. According to a 2020 international survey by Stack Overflow, 83% reported either not actively looking for work or not interested in new job opportunities. More than 20% of academic researchers, data researchers and data and business analysts are actively looking for new jobs, followed closely by designers, game developers and mobile developers with 19%.

Higher IT sector employees can expect salaries this year

Randstad’s 2021 US IT survey shows that the three highest-paying IT jobs are software architects with a monthly salary of about $ 13,000, or about $ 4 million. , the certified ethical hacker with a monthly salary of $ 12,500 (~ 3.8 million forints per month) and the hadoop developer with a monthly salary of $ 12,400 (~ 3.7 million forints), but there is also a high demand for cyber security positions. According to Bluebird’s pay guide for recruiting the IT labor market at the end of 2020, wages in the IT sector in Hungary will be as follows: an average software architect is on average HUF 1,200,000-1,500,000, while a javascript or a mobile developer is on average HUF 500,000-800 You earn between 000 HUF per month. However, an increase in demand could lead to a further increase.

In the future, artificial intelligence may increase or decrease the number of IT jobs

Artificial intelligence has increased significantly in the last few years. interest in intelligence. AI is made up of growing technologies like robotics, big data and IoT, i.e. the Internet of Things. According to analyticsinsight, companies will make even more effective use of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence this year. AI can help companies in the form of virtual assistants, image analysis software, search engines, speech and face recognition systems, robots. According to Bluebird, 2 million more jobs will be created internationally using artificial intelligence next year than will be eliminated. New jobs could be created in the civil service, health and education, while redundancies will hit the manufacturing and transport sectors hardest. How IT jobs are affected is not yet clear

Focus on soft skills

Many believe that hard skills , such as JavaScript programming, language learning, analytical thinking, and database management take precedence over so-called soft skills, which include creativity, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and collaboration, but workplace success is largely based on soft skills. “The vast majority of our soft skills go hand in hand with our personalities, so many people think they are not worth dealing with. Although their development and awareness can not only help our professional advancement or well-being at work, but also our relationship and other social interactions,” says Balázs Réfi. CEO of Bluebird. The frequency of these changes will also be shown by the recruiTECH conference to be held for the tenth time in mid-April this year, this time online, where, for example, the current key indicators are slowly not suitable for measuring the quality of recruitment and also the changes generated by the AI ​​already mentioned. There will also be a discussion of how the pandemic has affected Management, what changes it will be forced to make, both culturally, territorially and technologically. Last but not least, Josl Kadlec, one of Europe’s best-known sourcing trainers, will present the latest sourcing tips and tools at recruiTECH

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