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Saeed closes the door to the walking … “broken bones” in sight

Tunisian President Qais Saeed reiterated his rejection of the ministerial reshuffle made by Prime Minister Hicham El-Mechichi and ratified by Parliament, and the failure to accept new ministers who are haunted by suspicions of corruption and conflict of interests to take the constitutional oath before him before assuming their duties.

Thus, Saeed has closed the door permanently to this amendment, in a scene indicating the continuation of the political stalemate in the country and the bone-breaking battle between the two heads of the executive authority.

Saeed said during his meeting with a number of parliament members at the Carthage Palace, on Wednesday, that “The solution to the existing crisis is by respecting the constitutional text, not through interpretations or fatwas that on the face of it are a right and in their core a transgression of the constitution, nor by searching for an impossible legal solution.” He reiterated his keenness to implement the constitution and respect the supremacy of law and state institutions.

He added that the ministerial reshuffle was carried out in improper ways and contained many violations, indicating that he would not allow everyone related to suspicions of corruption and conflict of interest to take the constitutional oath, pointing out that he had sufficient information to make him stick to his position.

“My role is not symbolic”

In addition, he stressed that he would not leave the state in AD Blowing up conflicts, saying that the presidency is not vacant and its role is not symbolic, as some have claimed, and he is keen to implement and respect the constitution, in reference to Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi, who tried in a previous statement to reduce the importance and value of the position of the President of the Republic, considering that “the role of the president The state is symbolic, not constructional. ”

On the other hand, Prime Minister Hisham Al-Meshishi moved to try to impose his ministerial amendment by law. On Wednesday, he met with a group of constitutional law professors at the University of Tunis to consult them on the way in which he could pass the cabinet reshuffle without the need to take the constitutional oath before the President of the Republic.

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