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Sachin Pilot says societal issues can’t last

“Rajasthan has always been a peaceful country,” said Sachin Pilot.

New Delhi:

Sachin Pilot of Congress today blamed recent sectarian differences in Rajasthan on BJP, saying that party must stop”playing with people’s feelings”.

Rajasthan has always been a peaceful country people Live in Harmony and friendship. Pilot told NDV. in Exclusive interview.

“Our friends in The opposition must understand that they should not play politics over This is amazing. They have to understand that the speech should He is on Unemployment, inflation and peasant issues. I think they will remain Unsuccessful in their efforts to divert people from these issues.” added.

When it was said that there is a constituency for These feelings too and people be emotional over Mr. Pilot said, “Yes, people Be emotional. But selling lemons at 300 rupees per kilo. Cooking gas 1,000 rupees per cylinder. Inflation must be brought in down. You can’t have it votes only by playing with people’s feelings. I don’t think it will benefit the country.”

Rajasthan, where elections are scheduled next yearrecently saw a series of accident with societal tones.

The last of these took place on Wednesday, when the internet was cut off in Bhilwara town amid tension over The killing of A 22-year- An ancient Hindu man, by a Muslim, over personal dispute. Some right-wing groups called for Banda over The murder.

There were societal problems in Karoly Walwar and Jodhpur over The last a few weeks.

Asked about the chances of Congress in The country that never voted in office holder party in Mr. Pilot said nearly three decades ago, “We want To break this tradition now. no just in Rajasthan, but also in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh” – the states in which the Congress is formed government in 2018.

Requested how Congress will make it happen, Mr. Pilot said, “It must be done. Because in The last (Like) elections, we survived Just on 20 seats. This time we’re done good work. It’s okay to say that if we can take everyone and go out between the peopleWe will definitely do that win”.


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