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Romero de Torres Museum in Spain certifies works of art on the Ethereum blockchain

The city council of Córdoba, a city located in southern Spain, announced on March 10, the start of the digital certification of the works of the Spanish painter Julio Romero de Torres in the Ethereum and TrustOS blockchains, a solution developed by the Spanish consortium Telefónica.

According to a Spanish media, the objective of digitizing and safeguarding the 250 works of the artist Romero de Torres that are in the Museum that bears his name, is to avoid fraud or forgeries. With this, would be the first time that blockchain technology is used in a Spanish museum.

To achieve the certification of the pieces of art, two steps are followed. In the first one, the city council registers the works in the Pukkart application of the DigiArt company, which issues a physical certificate of ownership or property with two labels made by the Spanish Mint and Stamp Factory. One of the labels is placed on the physical certificate and the other is placed on the back of the works, as a security measure.

The second step is specified when the certificate becomes a smart contract that is registered in the Ethereum blockchain and in the private API of TrustOS of Telefónica (DigiArt partner). This system facilitates communication between different blockchains, and thus the digital certificate of the museum’s works is stored on both platforms.

Following this entire process is useful to certify the ownership of a work that has left the museum for, for example, a loan for an exhibition elsewhere. When the box returns, the tag is scanned and if it matches the tag that is kept, it means that the box is the authentic one.

The mayor of the town, José María Bellido, assured that it is the first city hall in Spain that will link a blockchain with the artistic heritage to certify its ownership. So far they have invested about 4,200 euros in this project.

Bellido highlighted that other Spanish museums, such as Thyssen and Picasso, have been interested in this system . He asserted that blockchain technology “provides security and inviolability” to Romero de Torres’ works, which “are sold throughout the world, which makes them subject to fraud or forgery.”

token ethereum arte blockchain
The works of the Cordovan artist Julio Romero de Torres now have a physical and a digital certificate of ownership, stored on the blockchain. Source: turismodecordoba.org

For her part, the Digital Transformation delegate, Lourdes Morales, considers that blockchains are used as “global trusted entity, which makes the different transactions” permanent, secure and immutable. ”

Spain finds a technological ally in the blockchain

Spain has been taking firm steps in the adoption of blockchain in different areas, such as improving the operation of State institutions.

A few days ago this media reported that, in the Spanish region of Murcia, the council of the government of that town joined the European project TRUST , whose objective is to define an adequate legal framework that helps shape and increase trust, “through the blockchain in the era of Bitcoin.”

In this sense, the authorities contributed 100,000 euros out of a total of EUR 1,025,800 that the project has, which will begin on September 1 of this year and will last 48 months.

Another case in which a blockhain was implemented was in lottery 6 in Alicante, known as El Negrito, which incorporated the certification of the plays made online. The certificate delivered to the client is proof that the online games made by a client are their property .

The certification allows provide the client with legal proof that he is the owner of the play made, even in the event that he has lost the physical ticket, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

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